Picture of Caleb Kilian by Dylan Heuer/Iowa Cubs

The Cubs have a System on the Rise and it’s starting to show nationally in top prospect rankings. In Baseball America’s latest Top 100 update, BA names four Cubs prospects to on their Top 100 ($). Brennen Davis (41), Pete Crow-Armstrong (48), Cristian Hernández (85), and Caleb Kilian (100) land on BA’s hallowed ranking.

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Seeing Brennen Davis’s name should not come as a shock to anyone who reads our articles, however it is a noticeable drop due to injury and the concerning K-rate. Brennen was the unanimous top Cubs prospect in the North Side Bound Rankings. Brennen’s inclusion to BA’s list at 41 overall may be the first sign that the national perception of him is still optimistic, but more cautious. Other similar rankings still list him in the top 15-25 prospects in their respective publications.

Pete Crow-Armstrong has done nothing but excel this season. PCA finished his tenure as a Myrtle Beach Pelican with an astounding .354/.453/.557 line (177 wRC+). Unsurprisingly, PCA finished among the leaders in league adjusted stats in the North Side Bound hitting statistics. Seeing Crow-Armstrong already as a Top 50 prospect already strengthens the view that this is an upper echelon prospect.

Cristian Hernández continues to stay on the Top 100. He should be making his official debut shortly as the Arizona Complex League play begins, but it wouldn’t shock if he forces his way up to Myrtle Beach this summer.

The newest addition to the list right at number 100 is RHP Caleb Kilian. And it is well-deserved in our book. The righty who came over along with Alexander Canario in the Kris Bryant trade has consistently been overlooked. Often listed as a command over stuff guy, Kilian has done nothing but excel on the mound. This season he hasn’t displayed his trademark command (more very good rather than elite), but the stuff he put on national display at the Arizona Fall League All-star game has helped him to a 2.06 ERA and 2.95 FIP for AAA Iowa. Kilian’s time on the Top 100 may not last long as he appears destined for Wrigley Field if healthy.

Baseball America is notoriously stingy when it comes to ranking young prospects. They place a heavy-emphasis on players who have succeeded at AA or above. When evaluating the Cubs system in that context, two Top 100 prospects from below AA is impressive and speaks to their overall upside.

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