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I was named after Greg Maddux so I’ve been invested since birth. What drove my fandom was following the minor league prospects and MLB first year player draft.
Now that my wife, Christa, son, Benjamin, and dog, Addison, and I live out in Oregon, we’ve been able to take in games with the Eugene Emeralds.

I had a blast writing on my site IvyFutures and I’m even more thrilled to build North Side Bound with writers who inspired me to join in these conversations.

The conversations about the Cubs organization, MiLB prospects, and the MLB Draft are what I love most about following baseball.

Thank you for following my work at North Side Bound!


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Two Early Prospect Lists Get the North Side Bound Roundtable Treatment

Two Early Prospect Lists Get the North Side Bound Roundtable Treatment

Even though it seems as if the winter is moving at a snail's pace, prospect list season is quickly becoming a thing. In the past two weeks we have seen Baseball America put out a new Cub prospect list, FanGraphs' newest Cubs compendium came out about six months ahead...

Exploring a Challenge Trade

Exploring a Challenge Trade

The concept of a “challenge trade” is one that fascinates me. For those unfamiliar, organizations rarely make the intriguing prospect-for-prospect trade. The idea behind the move is all too common of a sentiment for Cubs fans harkening back to the mid-2010s when so...

Mock Draft 2022 1.0

Mock Draft 2022 1.0

With the release of North Side Bound, I'm thrilled to debut the first 2022 MLB Mock Draft. I've been itching to dive into this draft class since the 2021 class signing deadline. It's finally time and with the Cubs tentatively drafting 7th, they're in fantastic...

North Side Bound Roundtable Q & A: Cubs Organization Resolutions

North Side Bound Roundtable Q & A: Which Cubs MiLB Reliever’s Got Next in 2022?

Today is going to be a fun post for you. One of the things we have found out here at North Side Bound is that we like talking about baseball together. We did three pieces together at Cubs Central together (1, 2, 3) before North Side Bound opened for business. We did a...