We are at that point in the year where not a lot of transactions  happen. There will be some, but with playoff races happening with Myrtle Beach, South Bend, and Tennessee the next two weeks, the Cubs are usually reluctant to make any moves until those outcomes have been finalized. One player could shift the results of whether a team gets a postseason berth over the next two weeks.

One thing that could upset the balance are injuries. You never know when they’re going to happen, and who they’re going to happen to. As well, if something happens with the big league club, Iowa is going to need to fill a spot or two.

As a result, it’s looking like July 27 is going to be a big day because that’s the beginning of the second half.

Until then, guys like Felix Stevens, Riley Martin, Blake Whitney, Ezequiel Pagan, PCA, Owen Caissie, Haydn McGeary, Jared Young, Luis Vazquez, Joe Nahas, Yovanny Cabrera, Brandon Birdsell, Connor Noland, Brody McCullough, James Triantos, Grant Kipp, and a few others will just have to wait.

Yes, I got a list.

I will check back throughout the morning. I will be leaving for Cedar Rapids around noon so there will be a little lapse until I get to the hotel and check in.

My name prediction for today – Manny Espinoza.

9:00 AM

I am hearing some things behind the scenes about some movement but nothing I can “officially” report just yet but it does involve some pitching. I will check back in an hour or maybe before if some news breaks.

9:07 AM

So Michael Ryan has resigned as manager of the Smokies and the Mesa Complex Field Manager (not the ACL team manager) Kevin Graber has moved up. We hope Michael is OK.

9:50 AM – Smokies Manager Update

We are not sure is the above move is permanent or temporary. We are hearing some conflicting reports about whether Ryan has resigned or is taking a break for a personal issue. We don’t want to start a gossip war here. When we find out something more official, we will let you know. But we do know that Graber will be managing the team for an undisclosed period.

11:00 AM Back to Transactions

Got the front yard mowed. And no transactions. I will check back at noon, just before I hit the road.

12:30 PM

3:30 PM

Nothing yet,,,I am in Cedar Rapids, about 5 minutes from the ballpark.

4:30 PM

Zac Leigh to Tennessee

5:00 PM

We are hearing that Riley Martin is at Iowa now. I am still waiting on the email from Iowa to confirm.

6:11 PM

Iowa officially added Riley Martin and Levi Jordan

Anthony Kay went up to Chicago