Now that June 1 has passed and extended spring training is over, that’s usually a time when the Cubs tend to make a lot of moves. A few players have been released from their contracts at Iowa creating some openings. Miguel Amaya has moved up to Chicago creating another opening. My mind is teetering on whether they’re going to be a few moves, several moves, or a lot of moves. It is going to be one of the three. I’ll hedge my bets and go with several moves.

The Most Obvious Candidates

Jordan Wicks – He’s been ready for about 3 to 4 weeks. All he needs is an opening to get to Iowa.

Luis Vazquez – Ditto.

Connor Noland – Noland has not allowed an earned run in over 2+ weeks. His ERA keeps sinking the longer he pitches in South Bend.

Ed Howard and Scott Kobos – Both could move east now that EXST is over.

Brody, McCullough, Grant Kipp, Nick Hull – All three starters are ready, but there’s no way half of Myrtle Beach’s rotation is going to move up to South Bend in one fell swoop in the middle of a playoff hunt.

Hear me out until the end – Jackson Ferris – He does not seem to be too challenged by Myrtle Beach. But there’s no way the Cubs are moving him up until he gets to five innings. Still, another month ought to do it, especially if he keeps putting donuts up every time he pitches. His eventual promotion is coming whether you or I are ready for it or not.

We might also see some catchers move in a domino effect. With Amaya going to Chicago, we could see Pablo Aliendo in Iowa and Opitz in Tennessee. That would allow Ballesteros to move to South Bend at age 19. I don’t know if he’s ready yet for that. I would rather see Pabon, who’s a little bit more mature behind the plate, get that call.

Here are some transactions since last week

Levi Jordan was activated by Iowa after Tyler Duffey was released. Jordan Holloway finished his rehab at Myrtle Beach and is back at Iowa, Cayne Ueckert went to the Development List at Tennessee. Scott McKeon was promoted from South Bend to Tennessee. Jefferson Encarnacion went to the ACL from Myrtle Beach and Ismael Mena went from the ACL to Myrtle Beach.

I’ll be back around 9 AM central today to check in.

9:45 AM

Got this little cryptic tweet foreshadowing some upcoming moves!

11:00 AM

Ed Howard is back in South Bend!

11:20 AM

Luis Devers is back with South Bend!

1:00 PM

Our own Greg Huss is reporting that pitcher Ryan Jensen has been promoted to Iowa. Yes, you read that correctly. That sort of came out of left field since Jensen has been struggling in his role as a reliever. Then again, his last 3 outings were pretty clean.

2:01 PM


Jefferson Rojas to Myrtle Beach was not something I had on my transaction bingo card today…but here we are.

NF Miguel Fabrizio has been assigned to the Arizona Complex League.

3:00 PM

Normally, the Iowa cubs send out their daily game notes around noon to 1 PM. Today, the inbox is empty. The Pelicans sent me theirs, but nothing from Iowa. So, I am expecting some moves between Iowa and Tennessee and Chicago.

3:25 PM

C Dilan Granadillo assigned to Tennessee Smokies from the ACL Cubs. Pitchers Kenyi Perez, Drew Gray, and Scott Kobos sent on rehab assignments to the ACL Cubs. SS Jose Escobar assigned to the ACL Cubs.

4:15 PM

Looks like the moves are done. The Jensen to Iowa move is officially official along with Levi Jordan going on the Development List at Iowa. Catcher Dom Nunez has been activated by Iowa off the IL.