Yonathan Perlaza – Pic by Micah Manuel/Tennessee Smokies

It’s only been a month since everyone here at North Side Bound did their mid season prospect lists.

It is quite clear that they are all messed up now. And part of the nature of the beast of doing a prospect list is that they are outdated a week after you publish one. So, rather than look back at those lists, today I’m going to look ahead 

There are several players who are going to be joining our lists when we redo them at the end of the Arizona Fall League, which will probably be about the middle of November. Some of those players were in the Cubs’ system when we made our midseason lists. Others will come from the draft and some new guys got added at the trade deadline.

The number one player that everybody missed putting on their prospect list was none other than Yonathan Perlaza. But when we wrote the list, that was in the middle of June which was about when he started to catch fire. Second, pitcher Porter Hodge has been shoving all year and is now doing it at High-A. I have Alexander Canario at 6 on my list. The other guys here at NSB should be moving him up closer to the top because he is amazing and tearing up at Tennessee! I, for one, did not include Luis Devers. The list could go on.  

The hardest part about doing these lists this fall is where to put the draft picks that are only going to pitch 10 to 15 innings the next six weeks, if that. Where do you put Cade Horton or Jackson Ferris? What about Nazier Mule or Chris Paciolla? Paciolla might be the only draft pick that sees any extended action this year. He better hurry, though, as there are only two weeks left in rookie ball. Next year, though, many of them, especially the pitchers, will shoot up our lists.

Of the five players the Cubs acquired at the trade deadline, four were pitchers and, more than likely, only two of them will be on our lists in November. The question is going to be how high. Unlike the draft picks, Hayden Wesneski and Ben Brown are in midseason form and we can get a pretty good evaluation on them over the next seven weeks. Brown was impressive in his debit last night and Wesneski starts today in Iowa. Who knows, we may even see Wesneski in Chicago before too long.

News of the Week

MLB Pipeline listed the hottest pitching prospect in each system and newcomer Ben Brown was named as the Cubs’. Here is what they said:

Brown permitted just one run and 10 baserunners, while striking out 25 in his final 16 innings as a member of the Phillies’ organization. Acquired by the Cubs at the Trade Deadline, he has a mid-90s fastball that peaks at 98 mph, a hard slider and a power curveball.

After last night, I will go along with that declaration.

Nazier Mule Interview

Here is the a video of Nazier as he talks about his two way prowess somewhere in his junior year of high school.

MLB Pipeline ranked the top 47 players/prospects traded in this year’s draft and the Cubs came in at number 9 and 13 with Mr. Wesneski and Mr. Brown.

It was cool to see Bradlee Beesley win the Southern League player of the week on Monday. It was sad to see him go on the injured list on Wednesday. As well, four Cubs won Players of the Month awards in their respective leagues! Tyler Santana, Ben Brown, Alexander Canario, and Matt Dermody (who is now on his way to South Korea) won the nods.

Headed to Wisconsin

I am headed up to Appleton, Wisconsin Tuesday afternoon and I’ll be doing some photography of some of the newest South Bend Cubs on the road. Hopefully, I’ll get to talk to some guys that I’m probably not going to see again unless it’s at Triple-A Iowa. South Bend doesn’t come out my way until the last week of the season and that’s in Cedar Rapids, which is a little bit of a drive and a half for me. It would be impossible to do on a school day. So, unless I go to that last Saturday and/or Sunday of the year, next week will be it. I’ll be sad not to see Pablo Aliendo or Owen Caissie after next week along with several other players like PCA, Jonathan Sierra, Jarod Wright, Zac Leigh, Kohl Franklin, Daniel Palencia, and Michael McAvene and more. But I’ll be excited to see Porter Hodge, Alfredo Zarraga, and Richard Gallardo for the first time along with Kevin Made. Needless to say, I’m going to have a lot of pictures of those guys. Who knows, there might be more new guys by the time I get there about 4 PM.

Coming Up on North Side Bound

Today, the Rookie League Recap looks at who should be getting promoted next spring. The Breakdown examines Alexander Canario a little tomorrow. On Tuesday, Myrtle Beach gets the affiliate update treatment. And on Wednesday, draft pick Will Frisch gets checked out. Nick Hull is set for next Saturday.

Jam of the Week

I like all kinds of music. Here is a traditional bluegrass song slowed down and turned into a haunting tale. I’m With Her, made up of Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins, and Aiofe O’Donavan, just nailed this bluegrass/gospel classic – Just gorgeous and tragic at the same time. Their harmonies and contraputal singing (also known as rows or counterpoints) are just amazing!