Ben Leeper – Picture by Dylan Heuer/Iowa Cubs

Tonight was a lot of fun! Originally, I had only planned on going to see South Bend in Peoria on Tuesday this week. But I was a good boy today and finished my list of schoolwork that I wanted to get done today about 3 hours earlier than expected. I looked at my wife and I said I’m done with my schoolwork and she said to get the hell out of here…or something similar. She didn’t have to tell me twice.

It looked like there was going to be a full season affiliate sweep for a while tonight as Myrtle Beach won for the first time this week as they scored 11 runs against Fayetteville. South Bend scored five runs in the first two innings to get out in front of Peoria and then only gave up one run on the day  to win 5-1. Tennessee played long ball again and they won 7 to 3. Iowa blew a 3-2 lead in the ninth and then lost in extras to blow the system sweep.

Dinger of the Day

Oppo Tacos are hard to beat!

Web Gem of the Day

A nice going back over-the-shoulder catch here my Canario

Starting Pitcher of the Day

After sitting in the dugout and then behind home plate tonight, I thought I was watching the pitcher of the day in DJ Herz. He looked really sharp and was efficient and only gave him one hit and that was a home run. He struck out six, but Herz’s performance was not good enough to win today’s award (But I still liked the job DJ did).

Today’s honor is going to be bestowed upon Richard Gallardo. Gallardo threw six innings tonight and allowed just one run on four hits and he struck out an amazing 13 batters on the night! It was Gallardo‘s best outing of the season by far and one of the best for a Cubs pitcher all year long. It’s a little frustrating to see that performance and wonder where it’s been in the past six weeks.

Reliever of the Day

After a rough spot in June, Ben Leeper went to the video machine to take a look at just exactly what he was doing on the mound to see if there were any mechanical flaws. He found some and has been lights out since. Tonight, he went two scoreless and struck out three.

Hitter of the Day

This was a tough one, but I’m going with Matt Warkentin of Myrtle Beach. The switch-hitting first baseman went 2-for-4 with three RBI on the day.

I will be back in the morning with some draft numbers.