Feature photo of Daniel Palencia by Todd Johnson

You’re getting a miniature version of this post today as I’ve gotta get back to my day job. The bright side is that there have been some really impressive things happening on the field that warrant a repeated look. Enjoy some of the highlights from the past week that caught my eye!

What I’m Watching

• There are times when Daniel Palencia is simply dominant. I feel like if he can just limit the big inning, he’s gonna be a really popular pick to soar up prospect lists. Especially when he features nasty stuff like this.

• The South Bend Cubs played on Marquee last week and Pablo Aliendo went walkoff yabo. It doesn’t get much better than that. Until you listen to Brendan King with the glorious call from the booth!

• Alexander Canario’s tools are through the freaking roof. He’s got a cannon strapped to his right arm and when pitchers throw him fastballs, he knows exactly what to do with them.

• Luis Vazquez might not be hitting, but his defense never, ever goes into a slump. Simply put, he’s the smoothest man in the system.

• This gets me so damn hype. I’ve been waiting on Yovanny Cruz to make his full-season debut and he did it with South Bend last week and looked filthy on the mound. I can’t wait to see his development path and feel out how the Cubs plan on using him this year and in the future.

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