Feature photo of Luis Devers by Stephanie Lynn (@SRL590)

I typically write the Mid-Week Buzz during my lunch hour every Wednesday, but this week I’m pretty busy at the office and I only have time for an abbreviated lunch which means you guys get an abbreviated version of this weekly post. Sorry, y’all.

So let’s take a look at some bullets instead of a fully drawn out post!

• Pete Crow-Armstrong is that guy that you LOVE if he’s on your team and HATE if you’re playing against him. He plays with a swagger that borders cockiness and you can see him chirping quite a bit when you watch on MiLB TV. Every team needs a player like PCA and he also just so happens to actually be the best player on the diamond every time he laces up his cleats.

• I did a collab. Tag-teaming with a YouTuber is not something I would have expected from myself a year ago, but it was a blast to bring real-life Cubs prospect talk into one the life of MLB The Show.

• Zumach did a collab. We all know he’s one of the best in the biz when it comes to draft content, but by teaming up with the folks at Guardians Baseball Insider, they were able to create one heck of a mock draft. Which reminds me… the draft is coming up way sooner than we think!

• Interested in who this Porter Hodge fella that just won the Cubs Pitcher of the Month award is? You can start by taking a look at how nasty he was on the bump this past week.

• Honestly, it’s pretty freaking sweet watching this site continue to grow. We’re just four guys that love talking Cubs prospects so we might as well put our thoughts down on one website. Thank you so much for hopping on every day to see what we have to say.

• The Myrtle Beach bats get a ton of attention but the starting rotation has been pretty lights out this season. Luis Devers joins Hodge as well as Walker Powell, Richard Gallardo, Luke Little, and Tyler Schlaffer to make the Pelicans must-watch baseball every day.

• Here’s Kevin Alcántara’s first full-season tank.

• I don’t know if you heard, but the Pelicans also did this fun little thing on Sunday where they, ya know, threw a no-hitter. It was an incredible night for Powell, Adam Laskey, and Jake Reindl.

• Speaking of Reindl, that new sweeping slider he has is too good for Low-A hitters. He spent his two innings on the bump making dudes look truly ridiculous.

• How about saving the best for last? Alexander Canario is required to hit at least one bomb every single day. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. He does.