The Cubs are keeping their young starting pitching prospects on a short leash to start the year. Today, Caleb Kilian of Iowa was allowed to only throw 53 pitches before he was pulled.

But what a 53 pitches they were as Kilian struck out six in just 2.2 innings.

While Kilian did not have his best command he’s ever had, his stuff was unhittable in the strike zone.

K #1 – Curve

K #2 – 2 seamer that leaked back over the plate. This was my favorite K of the day.

K #3 – Say hello to Uncle Charlie!

K #4 Fastball on the outside corner

K #5 2-seamer down in the zone.

K #6 The return of Uncle Charlie

What I liked about Kilian’s outing was that he mixed his pitches well. He didn’t necessarily have his best command but he was deadly inside the strike zone. The fact that he was limited to 53 pitches is not a concern as he only gave up 2 hits and walked just one. No body really squared him up. The Cubs are being cautious with all their pitching prospects.