Before we get too deep into talking about specific players or transactions, there are a couple of key dates I want to go over first. Barring a miracle, South Bend is probably going to be eliminated at some point this week. When that happens, chances are we could see a couple of guys matriculate to Tennessee to help them out for their final two weeks and in the playoffs. Tennessee does not begin their playoffs until September 19.

Second, Myrtle Beach is going to be playing for at least three more weeks. Even though their season ends on September 10, they are hooked up for at least two or three games at the minimum and six at the most. As a result, the Pelicans could be playing until September 17. 

Right now, Iowa is on the edge of a playoff spot, but they are not in the driver’s seat. They play all the way until September 27 to provide support for the major league club.

And, as we know, the big league club can expand the rosters at the end of this month, but only two players. They both cannot be pitchers. 

So, with all those things in mind, let’s take a look at who could be moving today and later in the week. Today, I’m not expecting a lot of moves today from any level. If there is a move, it’s probably going to be injury related.

Word broke yesterday afternoon that Matt Shaw will be heading to Tennessee today per Keith Law and Sahadev Sharma, both of The Athletic. That’s a good thing as the Smokies still have three weeks left along with a probable playoff spot. I would not be shocked if Shaw ends up in the AFL in October just give him a jumpstart for 2024.

One other guy I could see…Zac Leigh.

Later in the Week

This will probably be when we night see Kevin Alcantara and maybe even Moises Ballesteros and Felix Stevens head south to Tennessee. But the Smokies’ greatest need is probably starting pitching. I could see Connor Noland coming up or maybe Luis Devers, but Brody McCullough is the clear-cut candidate as he is pitching the best right now. We could also see relievers Sheldon Reed and Frankie Scalzo head up as well.

When it comes to Chicago, PCA and Canario have both put themselves in position to be called up on September 1. This is not really an either/or situation. With Canario on the 40 man, that changes the calculus a little bit because his spot is not going to have to be created. If PCA goes up, the Cubs will have some roster issues to deal with but the Cubs can make it happen.

When it comes to the pitching side of things, the Cubs are probably looking more for a lefty reliever and Anthony Kay fits the bill. He’s been pitching great most of the summer, and I know some people want Luke Little, but that’s asking a bit much to throw him into the middle of a pennant race. If the Cubs were out of it, Luke Little would be the guy to go up. But the Cubs are in a position where they now are thinking win first not development first.

The reason this post keeps coming out later and later is there been a few snafus this year regarding promotions between the affiliates and the big league club has put the Kabash on releasing all transactions until they send out an email or memo sometime between four and five central. Sometimes the moves still come out earlier, but those moves are not announced without permission.

Now you know.

I’ll be back about 2 o’clock and will see if there’s any moves made at that time.

1:20 PM

Looks like the Frankie Scalzo thing to Tennessee is happening. More to come later.

4:10 PM

Anthony Kay heading to Chicago as I mentioned earlier is now official.

In addition, Levi Jordan is heading from Tennessee to Iowa.