I am going to be very busy today watching the MLB Network and looking for transactions online. Those transactions could take the form of trades, promotions, or even releases. We’re likely to have all three today.

News broke yesterday that PCA was promoted to Iowa and that’s great news! The natives were starting to get a little restless waiting for that promotion.

Then two more moves were made. One sent DJ Herz and Kevin Made to Washington for Jeimer Candelario. The second sent Nelson Velazquez to Kansas City for reliever Jose Cuas.

And you can probably go ahead and book Cade Horton to Tennessee on a one way trip. Word started to break on Sunday night behind the scenes that Horton was promoted but It has not been “officially” announced by either affiliate or the big league club. Now with DJ Herz traded, Horton will be on the move. I have an article ready for when he does.

Unlike the last few weeks I’m not going to make predictions or have a list of who I would like to see be promoted. The reason why is that I don’t know who’s going to be in the system by the end of the day.

Let’s recap what has happened since last Tuesday.

Iowa – Keegan Thompson activated, Hunter Bigge sent to Tennessee, Danis Correa arrived from Tennessee, Carlos Guzman arrived from Tennessee. Hayden Wesneski was promoted to Chicago and Michael Rucker was sent to Iowa. Marcus Mastrobuoni sent down to Iowa. Pete Crow-Armstrong is now in Iowa. Nelson Velazquez traded,
Tennessee – Correa and Guzman promoted. DJ Herz traded to Washington.
South Bend – Kevin Made traded to Washington.
Myrtle Beach – Gregori Montano and Kevin Valdez returned from ACL and a rehab stint. Brian Kalmer and Brett Bateman sent from ACL to the Pelicans. Christian More sent to ACL.
Mesa – Activated Matt Shaw, Josh Rivera, Brett Bateman, Yahil Melendez, Drew Bowser, Zyhir Hope, and Carter Trice last week. This week, promoted Bateman and Kalmer.0
DSL – Jeral Vizcaino switched from Red to Blue and Irving Vazquez switched from Blue to Red.

I expect most of the action to go down late this afternoon. We could season draft picks move to full season affiliates throughout the day, but the trades are going to be much later in the day.

9 AM

Poll of the Day 

With a Cubs Making two moves yesterday, they still have about eight hours, left to do some more wheeling and dealing if they so choose. I could see them making two deals, one for a left-handed reliever and one for a left-handed starter. I did a poll on Twitter to gauge what other people thought.

I said I wasn’t going to do predictions of who I thought would move to each affiliate. That is going to hold true. However, here arehow many moves I think each affiliate is going to make. This could probably fluctuate, depending upon deals the major league club makes today.

Myrtle Beach – I think they get two more guys besides Kalmer and Bateman.
South Bend – They have some holes to filled so I’m going with 3 today. Two of them should be named Shaw and Rivera.
Tennessee – This is a tough one as someone could probably be dealt from this team later today so I’m gonna roll with 2 and that includes Cade Horton moving up.
Iowa – Since PCA is already there, let’s go with 1 more.

In the meantime, I will be doing a fantasy football draft or two today while also prepping for school as well as checking my messages 20 times an hour…just kidding…..30.

10:20 AM

There are lots of rumors and suggestions flying around for trades. I am not expecting much news to break this morning. The only update I have is that I got Patrick Mahomes in my fantasy draft in the second round. I took Austin Eckler in the first.

11:40 AM

I guess I will have to go check out Josh Roberson now.

Roberson’s career in the lower minors as part of the Marlins’ system was very good. After the pandemic, he has struggled moving to the pen with the Rays. He’s 27 and has a 4.50 ERA this year with 43 Ks in 36 innings as AAA Durham.

As for Manny, his meteoric rise was a lot of fun to watch all the way to Chicago. He’s struggled with injuries the past two years but has looked very good at times.

1:30 Pretty Quiet…

RHP Josh Roberson assigned to Iowa Cubs. He was acquired in the Manny Rodriguez/Adrian Sampson deal.

I didn’t catch this earlier, but the Cubs sent the Rays some cash to help offset Sampson’s MLB contract and the Cubs got some IFA pool money in return, which is actually money Tampa did not have in reality.

Not much going on the last two hours. I am expecting the news to roll in around 4ish central time. The normal emails from Iowa and Myrtle usually are in my inbox by now on gamedays. Nothing has arrived and I don’t expect it will. The big moves of the day are probably going to be Matt Shaw and Josh Rivera being assigned to South Bend. We should also see some pitcher movement as well. Whether those players can get to their new affiliates today is another story depending on who is traded. The Cubs probably are in a couple of players from what I hear. Whether they get them or not, we will just have to hurry up and wait.

3:25 PM

Myrtle Beach email came in. No new moves since yesterday’s transaction involving Kalmer, Bateman, and More.

4:20 PM.

Old news we already told you.

5 PM

Horton, Shaw, and Rivera moved, just as we said 11 hours ago.

5:30 PM

Fabian Pertuz assigned to Tennessee. Carlos Guzman, who just went to Iowa a week ago, is back in Tennessee.