Wait…it is day 3 already? Why yes, yes it is.

If you came to NSB today to check out Tuesday Transactions, they are not going to happen until Friday because of the All-Star Break and what is happening today – Day 3 of the MLB Draft.

The Cubs have made 10 selections and those 10 picks leave us wanting a little more. The Cubs clearly took some guys that you might consider signing for well under the slot value. However, the Cubs did not pick a guy like Cameron Johnson or Trent Caraway or Will Gasparino or Tanner Witt to sign to a dollar value well above “the suggested retail price.”

For picks 11-20, the Cubs can only spend $150,000 per pick and anything over that counts against the bonus pool. So, if the Cubs technically saved a couple of million yesterday, we could be seeing one get all that change or we might even see it distributed among a few prep players. We won’t know until it happens.

It is hard for me to decide which I would like better – Quality or Quantity? Drop your comments below or if you would like the Cubs spread that extra money around or go all in on one guy.

As for the rest of the picks – there are a few guys I would like to see the Cubs snag today…

Cam Johnson – IMG Academy – LHP – My dream pick…but that’s all it is. If the Cubs get him, I would be stunned and ecstatic.

Zane Adams – Porter, Texas – LHP – As John Malkovich once said, “Pay the man his money.”

Khristian Curtis – Arizona State – RHP – Big kid, big frame, not sure why he is still on the board but I took him in 2 of my mocks.

Tanner Witt – Texas – RHP – If he was smart, he’d go back and bet on himself to go in the top 10, which he might have been had he been healthy to start this year.

Carson Montgomery – Florida State – RHP – Draft eligible and he holds all the leverage. I would not mind giving him some $$$ as he is only 20 and ascending.

Mac Bingham – Arizona – OF – This would be a re-draft but Bingham is not that different than Blake Bateman except Bingham has some power.

Luke Napleton – Quincy – C – D2 Player of the Year from last year seems to be doing OK. Wouldn’t hurt to try it again.

Kade Bragg – Angelo State – LHP – He is the D1 POTY built around a nasty slider. He has Cubs pitcher written all over him.

Christian Little – LSU – RHP – He would be a reclamation project but odds are he goes back to school.

Gavin Adams – Indian River – RHP – A Juco kid…worth a shot. He made huge jumps in velo this year and has a 6-foot-3 frame that can add some weight.

I will be back at noon to begin live blogging the last ten picks of the 2023 draft.