This is going to be a fun post as it recognizes outstanding performances from the past month. So, yes, it is basically an All-Star team. Unlike last year, this is just for the two teams in the Dominican. So it’s not going to be a rather large compendium

Just a heads up for next week, I did get to talk to one of the Cubs roving pitching coordinators this week up in Beloit. We talked about several guys in the Dominican, which will be in next weeks weekly, as well as a post this week on international pitching. I am having a lot of fun covering these two teams  this year and trying to learn more about the players that the Cubs having the Dominican.

Let’s get to the All-Star team!


Josias Ramirez, Ramon Eriandys, Luis Maza Andrws Cruz, Angel Cepeda Joan Delgado, Abel de Leon, Ludwing Espinoza, and Moises Febrillet

The characteristics that all of these players had in common was, they produced and scored runs. Every single one of them had a WRC plus of. 112 or higher. 

Unfortunately, Derniche Valdez did not make this month squad. He got off to a poor start, but played very well the last three weeks, and I would not be surprised to see him on next month’s squad as well as be in contention for player of the month. Valdez did, after all, tie for the lead an RBI with 12 with Ramirez. And, he did lead both teams, and home runs with three.


Adrian Santana, Diego Dugarte, Alfredo, Romero, Fraimin Marte, Wellington, Quintero, Emmanoel Madeira, Jeral Vizcaíno, Jair Jimenez, and Zhiorman Imbriano

The interesting thing about this collection of arms is that the Cubs have pretty much going all-in lately on late bloomers. Most of these guys are 20 years old except for Santana who is 19 and Madeira who is just 16. It’s pretty cool that Madeira made the All-Star team at such a young age. We’ll see if he can do it again next month. 

One of the things I’m working on for next week (but not in the recap) is looking at the breakdown of international free agent pitching throughout the organization, and how the lower half of the system seems to be thriving the past two years.

Hitter of the Month

Infielder Josiah‘s Ramirez takes home this month’s award. He hit .314 with two home runs and 12 RBI. In addition he had a wRC+ of 140. That’s a pretty good month for the 17-year-old from the Dominican and we’ll see if he can replicate it in July.

Starting Pitcher of the Month

20-year-old Alfredo Romero takes this month’s accolades as he posted a 1.15 ERA. He struck out 14 in 15.2 innings and seems to be poised for another good run in July

Reliever of the Month

Adrian Santana did not allow or run in all of June. The 19-year-old appeared in six games and threw 11.2 innings. He allowed just to hit and struck out 15. Not too shabby for the 6 foot one right-hander from the Dominican.

I’m really looking forward to riding next week’s recap as we learn more about some of these pitchers.