Next week, the Greg-Greg-Todd trio here at NSB will release our midseason prospect rankings. Where certain players land will surely be under plenty of scrutiny in the comments section, in our Twitter mentions, and in the Facebook replies. So to combat that, we wanted to put together the ultimate consensus by putting the power in your hands!

This fan-created Cubs propsect ranking is about as simple as it comes. Instead of having you all compile your lists, tinker with them, and publish them in the comments, we’re making it even easier. Click the link below and it will take you to a “this-or-that” webpage. You will be given two different Cubs prospects from which you can choose from where you simply answer the question: “Which Cubs prospect would you rank higher?”

Just in case the battle is too close or you are unfamilar with a player, you can also choose “I can’t decide” and move on to the next battle. After you make your selection, two new players will pop up on the screen and you can once again choose between them. Keep playing as long as you want, the app will continue to give you combinations until you just can’t take it anymore. (Note: there is no “end” to the voting. It will continue to give you combinations until you’ve had enough!) No need to click submit when you’re done! Exit out of the webpage and move along with your day.

The result will be a collective ranking created solely by Cubs fans and one that will ultimately be published here at North Side Bound. If you are looking for a sneak peek of those rankings, click the “View Results” tab and see where your favorite players stand according to everyone’s votes, not just your own. Have fun and vote often! The poll will be deactivated on this Sunday, June 25th!