Welcome to my third and final mock draft of the 2023 draft season. I previously did a five round mock a couple months ago and then I did a 7 round mock last month. Today, I am doing the full Monty all the way to 10…And I’ll have one extra name to consider, what I like to call Plan B. Fellow NSB writer Greg Zumach also put out his 10 + 2 mock today and you can compare them.

This year‘s draft is going to be interesting to see which players will fall to the Cubs at 13, not which players they should pick. I’d rather see who is going to be available when it’s the Cubs’ turn to pick. The reason I say that is because several teams that are in front of the Cubs are notorious for being a little cheap when it comes to paying full slot value for the draft picks. As a result, draft night could be a wild and wacky time.

For today’s mock, I’m not really taking into consideration senior signs or bonus pool money, I’m just going out and getting who might be 10 of the best players available when the Cubs pick.

Let’s get started!

13. Brock Wilken – 3B – Wake Forest

I know, you’re shocked! This is the first time in many years where I’ve had a guy picked for the Cubs all spring long and he is still projected to be there when it’s the Cubs turn to pick. Normally, I select guys who could be in the back half of the first round and they end up going in the top 10. That’s just been my luck. But this year, Wilken has had a tremendous season, but the powers that be have not seen it fit to give him a top 10 ranking. He has a monster bat, a judicious eye, and some incredible bat speed to go along with that the power. He could play third base right now, he could play at first in the future. But it’s really all about the bat.

68. Hunter Owen – LHP – Vanderbilt

Owen has been rising steadily over the past couple of months. I feel like the Cubs taking him here would be a good bargain as he’s probably not going to be available at 81. He’s a big kid at 6-foot-6 and semi filled out. I really like what I’ve seen from him in video.

81. Julian Brock – C – Louisiana-Lafayette

Brock is a big kid at 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds. His greatest tool is he has plus raw power. I don’t care about catching right now, I’m picking guys that have some loud tools today and he personifies that.

113. Parker Detmers – SP – Chatham Glenwood HS

This is the second time I’m picking the kid from just south of Springfield. I had him in my five round mock draft, and to get him here in the fourth round would be a steal. One thing Kantrovitz has shown a willingness to do has been to pull the trigger on prep pitching and this would be a good get. It would take some cash to get dissuade him from Louisville.

149. Khristian Curtis – SP – Arizona State

I also picked him in the last draft, and I am rolling with him again today. He has a high floor and seems like the kind of guy the Cubs would go after as his body is built to withstand the rigors of being a starting pitcher.

179. Isaiah Drake – OF – North Atlanta HS 

This was my favorite pick in the seven round mock draft. And he’s also my favorite pick today because this kid is all tools. He may take a little extra to develop, but the Cubs have plenty of time. The only concern I have is if they have enough money to sign him to dissuade him from going to college.

Baseball America said of his talents:

Drake is a powerful athlete and an 80-grade runner who also has plus raw power from the left side. He’ll need to significantly refine his offensive approach and pure hitting ability to consistently tap into that power […]

209. Nick Maldonado – Vanderbilt – RP

Maldonado is my first reliever pick in the top 10. I don’t think you can go wrong with this guy.

239. Nick Lorusso – Maryland – 3B

He is a senior (he will also turn 23 shortly after the draft) that drove in over 100 RBI at Maryland this year. While everyone was looking at Matt Shaw, this was the guy stealing the show every game.

269. Carlson Reed – WVU – RP

This is my first time picking Reed, who has been a stud closer for the Mountaineers.

299. Zach Thornton – LHP – GCU 

The Cubs are going back to the Grand Canyon well and picking lefty Zach Thornton. There’s one thing the Cubs are short on and that is lefties. That may be part of his profile, but he’s also good, which is why the Cubs should continue the trend of selecting someone from Grand Canyon.

Plan B – Redraft – Mac Bingham – OF – Arizona

On day three of the draft, the Cubs could re-draft outfielder Mac Bingham, who they took in 2018. He’s had a solid senior year at Arizona, and would be a definite boost to the system.

I was excited to see who Greg Zumach picked after he rolled out his mock. Go compare the two.