MiLB Debut of the Day/Starting Pitcher of the Day

I was all set to lead off tonight’s daily post by discussing Matt Mervis’ day at the ole ballfield.

Then Jackson Ferris pitched and I had to reorder some things after the19-year-old lefty dominated Columbia for three innings. He struck out 7 and threw 49 pitches, 31 for strikes. Tonight was as impressive of a debut as you will ever see. Ferris has a funky delivery, a vicious fastball up in the zone, and quirky curve. Here are 6 of his 7 Ks. My puter went on the fritz for about 30 seconds and I missed the sixth.

Other Good Starts

While Ferris’ debut was an amazing event, it was not the only solid pitching event of the night.

Kohl Franklin went 4 frames and struck out 6 while allowing 1 run. His ERA is now down below 3 on the year. 

As for Caleb Kilian, he made his first start back in Iowa since pitching in the big leagues last week. He gave up an unearned run but he went five and struck out 5. 

Hitter of the Day

Jake Slaughter had himself a night. He went 2-for-4 with 4 RBI coming on a double and a dinger.

Scores of the Day

Myrtle Beach won as Christian Hernandez hit his second dinger.

South Bend lost 0-3 as their offense seems to have vanished.

Tennessee fell behind early as they lost 6-2. Still Haydn McGeary is tearing it up at Tennessee just like he did at South Bend. He went 3-for-4 on the night and is hitting .467 at Double-A.

Iowa won again with the help of Mr. Slaughter as they steamrolled Columbus 9-5.

Card of the Day

Sad News of the Day

Catcher Ronnier Quintero has been released. It just never clicked for him. He is all of 21.

MLB Debut of the Day 

It was pretty cool to see Matt Mervis debut in Chicago today. It was long overdue. He did well as he went 1-for-4 and drove in a run on a ball that he just scorched. That RBI gave the Cubs a little bit more of a cushion at 4-1.