Lots of exciting things could be happening today and tomorrow. Around noon central today, the April All-Star Team is set to be released. And let’s just say that there’s going to be a lot of Iowa hitters on the squad.

In addition, we could see a few players start to move from affiliate to affiliate over the next 30 hours. We saw Ben Brown and Bailey Horn do so to Iowa this weekend. We should also see several other moves take place, depending upon what the big league does as they head into Washington. Could Christopher Morel and Matt Mervis be part of the big league club by tonight? It is not out of the realm of possibility.

Here are my top five guys to get promoted from Myrtle Beach, Tennessee, and South Bend.

Cade Horton – This is pretty much a no-brainer, but I am wondering if this week will be the week or if the Cubs are going to hold off for a couple more longer starts and a little bit warmer weather.

Brandon Birdsell – the Cubs fifth round pick looks to be just carving up the Midwest League without much effort. Like Horton, there is not much left for him to prove at his current assignment.

Miguel Amaya – I’m ready for him to move to AAA and to catch a little bit more than he has been doing in Tennessee.

Luke Little – He’s dominated, just like Birdsell.

DJ Herz – He could be ready to head east from Mesa as he went 3.2 innings last week which is more than enough to be stretched out after a hamstring injury. He could also be joined by Zac Leigh and Burl Carraway, who have both been pitching well and extended spring training

At Bat of the Week

How the Affiliates Did This Week

Iowa 4-2

Yeah, the team that scored 18 runs twice this week and 13 another is the talk of the system. Who knows how much longer they can keep it up and keep winning, despite several poor performances from their pitching staff. Although, Chris Clarke and Riley Thompson have been looking fairly decent.as starters.

Tennessee 3-3

The Smokies had a decent week, but I’m still waiting for them to take off. There’s definitely talent here, PCA and Owen Caissie are having good seasons, but outside of Jordan Wicks, Daniel Palencia, Walker Powell, and Jake Reindl, I thought the pitching would be much better.

South Bend 3-2

This team is living and dying with timely hitting and also some pretty consistent, middle relief. Several of South Bend’s starters are still limited in innings as they get stretched out. But the piggybackers have been getting it done. Guys like Joe Nahas, Jarod Wright, Sam Thoresen, Frankie Scalzo, and Didier Vargas have been carrying more than their share of pitching duties.

Myrtle Beach 5-2

While Iowa’s offense was grabbing all the headlines, Myrtle Beach wasn’t too far behind. The Pelicans’ bullpen is turning every game into a short one and those young 19-year-olds are getting it done at the plate.

Players of the Week

Hitter of the Week

Christopher Morel destroyed the international league and will probably get player of the week later today.

Starting Pitcher of the Week

This week’s winner is Jordan Wicks of Tennessee. He pitched five no hit innings and struck out seven. If he continues like this, he won’t be in Tennessee very long either.

Reliever of the Week

Johzan Oquendo got it done again this week with three innings and six Ks to go along with a 0.67 WHIP.

Affiliate of the Week

They scored 18 runs twice this week as part of a grand total of 63. The argument is over as the Iowa Cubs won this award.