Feature photo of Kevin Alcántara by Todd Johnson

We try our very best here at North Side Bound to bring you coverage and content that is unique. Whether it is a podcast dedicated to Cubs prospects, Cubs-centric draft coverage, daily rundowns of what’s going on in the system, or cornering the outrageously impressive photography market, we want to give you things that you can’t find elsewhere.

One of those things that just so happens to be a passion project of mine is a one-stop shop for Cubs minor league statistics. And today, that element of our website goes live for the 2023 season.

By clicking on the ‘Statistics’ tab on our main menu, you can find an extensive library of statistics for every single player from Myrtle Beach up to Iowa — that’s 119 players as of the time of our launch today. You can also go straight to the Pitcher Stats or Hitter Stats by clicking their respective links in this article or navigating your way through our website’s menu.

Once you’ve arrived to the massive tables, you’ll be able to find just about any stat you could ever dream of. Traditional stats such as a hitter’s slash line, home run total, and stolen bases as well as a pitcher’s ERA and strikeout total can be found here.

If you’re into nerdy things like me, you can sort the leaderboard by OPS+, K%+, CSW%, Pitches/PA, or ground ball rate.

Brand new this year is the incorporation of BASH, a new metric developed by yours truly. It will be one of the first things you see as you open up the hitter stats. If you’re looking for a rundown on how to contextualize BASH, check out the primer here. But basically, BASH is a wRC+-style metric that, unlike the Fangraphs number, accounts for a players’ age and adjusts to ballpark factors. It’s a really good way to tell how legitimate a prospect is.

Also new this year is the fact that these tables will update automatically DAILY. Last year, everything was done manually each week and often “each week” was more like once every few weeks. Now, you’ll get up-to-date numbers on the daily so you can always tell how your favorite prospect is performing.

With that being said, these numbers are under quality control by a human — *this* human. If there are ever issues with the pages such as a missing number, something you think might be miscalculated, or a player that doesn’t have his newly promoted level next to his name, let me know! Or if there is a specific stat you are looking for and I haven’t featured on these pages yet, I’d be happy to look into adding them to the bunch. You guys know how to reach me!

I truly hope you enjoy this resource as much as I loved putting it together. I’ll be referencing it throughout the entire season and hope you will, too!