It’s going to be a busy day for me because I’ll be teaching lessons on Operation Desert torm, a Web Quest on Cape Town, and Viking Gods/Mythology in World History class, which is going to be my favorite. But for you, today is about Tuesday transactions.

The 2023 season began 12 days ago for Myrtle Beach and Tennessee while it’s been 11 days for South Bend. It’s still a little early to see wholesale movement, but I would not be surprised to see a few changes at Myrtle Beach where their pitching staff seems to really be struggling, especially in the bullpen. It would be cool to see Jackson Ferris come up. If he does, it wilol probably be for a couple innings at a time. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but will find out throughout the course of the day, probably around 1 o’clock central is when I get the email from Myrtle Beach.

As well, DJ Herz is getting healthier. Yesterday, he got in 3 innings so I would not be surprised to see him get a call up.

The road from Des Moines to Chicago has been extremely busy this year and that could probably continue today. Not sure who is going to be, but it might be someone for the bullpen…or not.

Heading into the day, here is what we do know of transactions since Sunday in the weekly.

*Blake Whitney has been moved up to AA Tennessee. He actually was there on Sunday and pitched a scoreless frame.

I will be back about 8:30 AM with the first of many updates!

8:30 AM

Noything happening right now. I will be back in a couple of hours or of something breaks.

11:15 AM

Tennessee Smokies released RHP Kyle Johnson.

South Bend Cubs placed OF D.J. Artis on the 7-day injured list.

12:15 PM

Tennessee Smokies placed LHP Dalton Stambaugh on the 60-day injured list.

1:00 PM

No moves made at Myrtle Beacjh. I found that to a bit suprising.

2:15 PM

I am expecting a move to fill DJ Artis’ spot in South Bend. We may ven see player come up from Extended Spring Training to fill that role. I know Ezequiel Pagan is close to being ready.

4 PM

I am off to the vet but I am still waiting for a corresponding mover for Artis.