Today’s post is about fun! You and I are going to see who the statistical leaders are in the system after just a week. We are not doing a deep dive or super serious analytical examination of the numbers. Instead, we are just seeing who is leading after just a week. It’s something fun to track.

As you know, we had a series of posts predicting who those leaders would be in our preseason extravaganza as we predicated hitting, starting pitching, and relieving stats.

Let’s see who the leaders are!

*All stats were before Thursday night’s game.


HRs – Several with 3 – Velazquez, Cassie, and Mervis

RBI – Matt Mervis has 12

AVG – Rule 5 pick Jefferson Encarnacion is hitting .500. Wow! Did not see that coming!

SBS – PCA has 4. No shocker there.

OPS – Pablo Aliendo is the leader at an amazing 1.768.

wRC+ – Pablo is the man at 371. That is ridiculous!

Of course, most of these stats are unsustainable, but it is cool to see those players get off to a good start.

Starting Pitching

IP – Roenis Elias is the leader with 9. Iowa players should lead ths ategory all year as they started early and fnished earlier whle uys from Tennessee, SOuth Bend, and Myrtle Beach have just been going at it for a week.

Ks – There are five guys ata Iowa with 8 but Connar Noland and Kohl Franklin are close with 7.

ERA – 7 Starters have not given up a run including Kohl Franklin, Ben Brown, Connor Noland, Jordan WIcks, Richard Gallardo, Brody McCullough, Brandon Birdsell, and Cade Horton.

BAA – Both Brandon Birdsell and Ben Brown did not allow hits in in their first start.

WHIP – Luke LIttle leads with a 0.50 WHIP.


Ks – Brendon Little leads with 9.

Saves – Nick Burdi of Iowa is the only one with 2.

K/9 – Sam Thoresen is at an amazing 22.50. Yeah, I’d say that is unsustainable. But he should be close to 2 per inning as he has nasty stuff.

BAA – There are 12 guys at .000 which means they have not given up a hit.

ERA – 21 dudes have not allowed a run, most of them have only thrown 2 innings.