Pete Crow-Armstrong – Picture by Todd Johnson

Now that we have our stat predictions for hitters, starting pitchers, and relievers out of the way, it’s now time to turn your attention to our preseason All-Star team. We are going to break this down into two parts. Today will be all about the hitters, and then pitchers will get theie just dues tomorrow.

There was no magical formula to determine who we picked at each position. The three of us voted and whatever player had the most votes won. Is that simple. There is no scientific measurement or formula for determining who to pick. It was just all based on who we thought would have the best season.

So let’s gaze into our crystal ball at North Side Bound.


’Ethan Hearn is this year’s selection. Just based on how he finished last year, everybody’s favorite hype man behind the plate is going to be at High-A South bend this year where his bat should play a little bit better. Over the last six weeks of t2022, Hearn looked like he had finally figured some things out, as he showed a mix of hitting for average and power over that span by hitting over .250 with 6 dingers in six weeks.

First Base

This was probably one of the easier votes, and the only unanimous one in the infield, and that’s surprising considering the fact that Mervis could end up in Chicago editing point this season. He did get off to a rough start this spring, but began to bounce back as soon as the World Baseball Classic ended for him. While we do see Mervis having an excellent start of the year, we also see him ending the year as a member of the Chicago Cubs.

Second Base

Chase Strumpf takes this year’s nod as the staff expects him to flash his power profile bat at Iowa this year. Hopefully, he is not a three outcome guy, but his ability to drive the ball with authority is very enticing.


This went to Cristian Hernandez as we look to see him have a breakout year at Myrtle Beach. Last year was decent, but Hernandez has added some weight, gained some muscle which will hopefully help him drive the ball as the Cubs have simplified his swing a little bit more to help cut down on the strikeouts.

Third Base

Playing in Myrtle Beach is not everybody’s dream scenario as a hitter. Now that James Triantos will be at South Bend, then he should be a little bit better from the right handed batters box. Now, with a year under his belt, Triantos should have a better idea of how to get through the daily grind of a 140 game season. ha


Pete Crow-Armstrong, Brennen Davis, and Kevin Alcantara join Mervis as unanimous selections as it was pretty clear cut that these three guys are the best of the Cubs currently have at any position.

Designated Hitter

This goes to my guy Owen Caissie, who could have a break out here this year in terms of his power at Tennessee. He flashed some at South Bend, especially in the playoffs, where he was Mr. Clutch. His outstanding performance against advanced competition in the World Baseball Classic only hints a great things to come in 2023.

We will be back tomorrow with our look at five starting pitchers and three relievers in our pitching all-star piece.