Ben Brown – Pic by Micah Manuel/Tennessee Smokies

My mind works in weird ways sometimes.

Part of it might be from the fact that I have attention issues, part of it might be I am in the middle of my busy season at school, and part of it might be that I am getting older.

Anyways, here are some things I have been thinking about randomly about the upcoming baseball season for the Cubs’ system.

1. Ben Brown as a Reliever

Great stuff. Works well in the zone. Just dominated in short spurts this spring. Like, he really just shoves at a high velocity in short stints and his nasty breaking ball becomes even nastier. He has closer type stuff.

2. MiLB.TV

It’s only 29.99 this year! If you hav enever gotten it before, this would be the year.

3. The Absence of Palencia, Wicks, and Herz in MLB games

I have been thinking about the threesome who are going to do most of the heavy lifting for the rotation in Tennessee this summer, They have yet to pitch with the big league club. It’s a bit of a head scracther for me mainly because the trio is so close to Chicago that they could be ready in a year or a little more.

4. Ryan Jensen

Not sure about the constant tinkering. Still waiting for it all to click against advanced competition.

5. Guys That Just Play

I like prospects like Bradlee Beesley a lot because they play hard and produce. He’s been doing that with the big league this spring. However, I still don’t know what affiliate he will be assigned to once camp is over.

6. Miguel Amaya

He has to be close, right?

7. Brailynn Marquez

Has my care factor gone down to zero? Maybe. I am now at the “I will believe it when I see it phase.”

8. Make or Break

For all the guys the Cubs brought on board in 2017 and 2018, this is a make it or break it year because of the guys coming up from behind in the lower levels. There is no room to stay still.

9. Cedar Rapids

Can’t wait to go there in June for a couple of days. It’s been a while since I visited and I am looking forward to spending some time away from the rigors of the world.

10. Lucky

I feel pretty lucky to take pictures for South Bend on the road in the summer. I have come to enjoy that more in recent years than writing. A lot more!

Pic by Todd Johnson

11. Interviews

I enjoy to chit chatting with the players while I take pictures. I enjoy that a lot more than interviews. It’s all very informal and the players don’t feel like I am fishing for something or wanting anything.

12. Opening Day

I know I have mentioned that I will be in Davenport on opening day with South Bend several times. I am not sure about what the temp will be but I am going to take about 500 pics that first day of Alcantara, Triantos, Ed Howard, Kevin Made, Ethan Hearn, and Ezequiel Pagan along with whoever pitches. And I will also be there on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. It will be thrilling!

13. Cam Sanders

He is putting himself in the most excellent position to make the club. My fingers are crossed!