Pic by Micah Manuel/Tennessee Smokies

Well, Keith Law has sent us into some serious eyebrow raising with the release of his latest Cubs prospects ranking ($) over at The Athletic. We can give you a look at his top ten list below. Since it is behind a paywall, we cannot disclose the whole list but we can give you a glimpse before we perform a dissection of his rankings.

1. PCA
2. Kavin Alcántara
3. Brennen Davis
4. James Triantos
5. Hayden Wesneski
6. Kevin Made
7. Miguel Amaya
8. Jordan Wicks
9. Cristian Hernández
10. Cade Horton

The Surprises

The big surpirse is James Triantos getting some top 10 love at number four. No one else has Triantos in their top 10 but Law is still bullish on the bat as we all are. However, last year’s inconsistencies have tempered some expectations. Then again, playing in South Bend vs. Myrtle Beach will help.

Seeing Made at 6 and Amaya at 7 might warm your heart but the duo also have a lot to prove. Made struggled mightily at the plate in South Bend and Amaya has not caught in a game since May of 2021.

The Head Scratchers

What you don’t see here on this list, Matt Mervis came in at 12 and Law spouted off some national narratives about what Mervis can and cannot hit. That is probaably too low if he hits as well as I think he can. As most of you know, there’s noot much he cannot hit and we will soon see that at the MLB level fairly soon.

Law also had Jackson Ferris at 13, which is close to where I originally had him. Ferris could be a top 10 guy by the end of the summer if he pitches well this spring. Still, he has yet to pitch at full season ball.

Nice Things to See

*The Jordan WIcks hype train is picking up steam. That is two lists in a row.

*My guy Ben Brown comes in at 11.

*Palencia and Porter Hodge both are top 20 on this list

*Pablo Aliendo got some love at 20.

*Kohl Franklin is at 17 and still thought of nicely

*Moises Ballesteros and bat came in at 19.

As with most lists, you can always quibble, but with Law you can quibble more than ther usual print fare. It is not who he put on the list but the order in whic he arranged them….Then again, that might be part of his plan.