Pete Crow-Armstrong – Picture by Todd Johnson


I like surprises, especially when it comes to prospect lists.

Today was the perfect example.

I knew heading into today that Baseball Prospectus (BP) was going to release their top 10 Cubs list. There was not a big bombshell on that list either. Part of the lack of surprise in that list was because of their top 101 list from ten days ago which had Pete Crow-Armstrong, Owen Caissie, and Matt Mervis. Naturally, those three were at the top and followed up by Hayden Wesneski and Brennen Davis at four and five. Kevin Alcantara nabbed the six spot and Cade Horton was placed at seven. Jordan Wicks, James, Triantos, and Ben Brown rounded out the top 10. Because it is a subscription site, we cannot reveal any details about comments other than the rankings.

If you want to make a complaint, I’d say Davis and Alcantara are a little too low, especially Alcantara. I cannot wait to see Alcantara suit up every day for South Bend this spring! Everything else about four through seven today is not out the ordinary. I am sure some of you would have them in different order, as would I.

As for the big surprise, Keith Law released his top 100 prospects and two Cubs were in the top 30! And then came the bigger surprise that Kevin Alcantara joined PCA in that grouping. In fact, Alcantara came in at 29 to PCA’s 26. As well, Brennen Davis is still pretty well thought of by Law as he came in at 50. That’s cool that the Cubs have 3 in the top 50. Law will be releasing his top prospect for each team in the near future!

Looking ahead, Kiley McDaniel of ESPN announced Sunday that he would be releasing his top 100 list this week as well.

Here are the current prospect list standings after the lists today.

PCA 10 10 10 10 10 50
Davis 9 9 7 6 8 39
Alcantara 8 8 9 5 9 39
Wesneski 7 3 6 7 23
Mervis 5.5 7 8 20.5
Caissie 5.5 9 14.5
Horton 4 6 8 4 22
Wicks 3 2 3 8
C. Hernandez 2 4 4 10
Canario 1 1 2
Brown 5 3 1 9
Amaya 2 2
Kilian 1 1
Hodge 5 5
Triantos 2 2