Pete Crow-Armstrong – Picture by Todd Johnson

If we only all had the enthusiam that Greg Huss has about Cubs prospects what a great world that would be!

And what a great world it would be if the Cubs actually did have a lot of top 100 prospects.

Last summer, Baseball America had three Cubs in their top 100. They included Pete Crow-Armstrong at 45, Brennen Davis at 47, and Kevin Alcantara at 100. A lot of baseball has taken place between that list and today. Will the Cubs get another top 100 guy or would they be stuck at three? Could Pete Crow-Armstrong land in the top 25? And would Brennen Davis fall because of injury?

That’s a lot of questions to try and answer in one prospect list. And I didn’t even ask any questions about who the fourth or fifth guy would be if the Cubs get that high.

The answer came pretty quick this morning.

Because Baseball America is behind a pay wall, we can’t give you any exclusive content in terms of what was said about each player but we can give you the rankings.

Let’s get to it.

It was not a shock to see Pete Crow-Armstrong, valued highly by Baseball American. The Javy Baez wannabe known as PCA did make the top 25 at number 25 which is pretty cool to see! .

As for Brennen Davis, it was only logical that he would slip a little since he barely played last year. He came in at number 84. My guess, he has a lot to prove to BA starting with his health.

Based on the summer that he had, I was not surprised in the least to see Kevin Alcântara rise up 91.

The actual surprise was that there was no Matt Mervis. There was no Hayden Wesneski. There was no Cade Horton.

WIth a lot of talent depth, the Cubs need to see that talent seperate itself and rise to the top. Hopefully we will see that this summer. Maybe Cade Horton or Jackson Ferris gets there. We wil seel

Still, they all have to be close, which is a good thing.

Continue to stay tuned to North Side Bound the next two weeks as MLB Pipeline will continue to roll out their top 10 players at each position in the minors. We might see Matt Mervis make the first base list later tomorrow. Or, we might not.