It’s the season of Matt Mervis and he caps it off with another accolade, the Arizona Fall League Fall Stars MVP. Prior to the Fall Stars game, his season line of .286/.340/.691 (1.091 OPS) more than justified his inclusion in the premier showcase game. With a 1/3 day, Mervis cemented his status as a star among stars with a home run. And yes, he mashed it.

Take another look at this beauty.

It doesn’t hurt that Mervis showed off on the field as well as at the plate.

It’s been a transcendent season for Matt Mervis. With a slashline of .309/.379/.605 across three levels, 36 home runs in the regular season (over 40 for the year if you include the AFL), a standout performance in the AFL, and a Fall Stars MVP, there isn’t anything to prove in the majors. We’ll find out next season if Mervis begins the year in Chicago, but no matter where he starts, fans will be on high alert for baseballs being MASHED.

Photo by Rich Biesterfeld (@Biest22)