Haydn McGeary – Picture by Stephanie Lynn

At any point over the next month or so, Baseball America is going to release their draft grades on who the Cubs selected this year. It’s pretty much just a list of superlatives. I am finding it interesting as to who they will pick because they only took 4.5 bats. The .5 is for Nazier Mule. In addition, it’s probably going to be a little hard to make some predictions based on the fact a lot of this year‘s class has not played in a game that mattered yet. Some of been at instructs, while others have been rehabbing from Tommy John surgery or they just never pitched because they pitched a full season in the spring.

As a result, it’s sort of limits the perspective one can have on this year’s class.

Here is who I think they will not add for each spot.

Best Pure Hitter: Haydn McGeary

At 6-foot-5, McGeary is an intimidating presence who will probably play first base and the outfield in addition to catching. But his bat is going to be his calling card. He seemed to hold his own in his small sample size at Myrtle Beach. The Cubs took him in the 15th round out of D2 Colorado Mesa where he just demolished the baseball for four years. He was all set to go to Kentucky this year but the Cubs plucked him away from that commitment.

Best Power Hitter: Haydn McGeary

I’m rolling with McGeary again. I can’t wait to see him punish baseballs when he gets to South Bend. If this dinger is any indication of his potential, next summer is going to be a blast!

Fastest Runner: Ke’Shun Collier

This one is a no-brainer as Ke’Shun reminds me of the classic 1970s and 1980s leadoff hitters like Kenny Lofton, Lance Johnson, and Juan Pierre.

Best Defensive Player: Chris Paciolla

His ability to play two positions on the left side of the diamond is going to separate him pretty quickly from the small pack.

Best Fastball: Nazier Mule

100 mph. Enough said.

Best Secondary Pitch: Cade Horton – Slider

Considering the Cubs took Horton based on his slider data there’s no doubt this pitcher is going to be sword material early and often next summer/spring in South Bend and hopefully Tennessee and Iowa.

Best Pro Debut: Haydn McGeary

The Cubs only had three draftees make it to Myrtle Beach. McGeary who we’ve talked about early and often today, Brody McCullough was also there along with pitcher Nick Hull and free agent pitcher grant Kipp.

Best Athlete: Nazier Mule

This is a pretty close one for me. I almost went with Collier just based on his speed and that he played high school football, but the ability of Mule to play both ways as a pro bops in just above Collier for the time being.

Most Intriguing Background: Nazier Mule 

I just love everything about this kid and the fact that he appears to be a steal in the fourth round. I’m glad the Cubs were able to meet his asking price.

Closest To The Majors: Cade Horton

Yeah, this was pretty much a no-brainer. The only one who may be closer might be Brandon Birdsell. I am really excited to see Horton pitch next year and to see how much he can dominate and how fast he can move from level to level.

Best Late-Round Pick (Or NDFA): McGeary

I love a good Cinderella story and McGeary going from D2 to Myrtle Beach in one summer where he looked like he fit in just fine works for me.

The One Who Got Away: Brock Blatter

This was an easy choice as well considering Blatter was the only pic the Cubs didn’t get. The Cubs couldn’t meet the pitcher from Montana’s asking price and bladder is going to uphold his commitment to the University of Alabama.

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