Pablo Aliendo – Picture by Todd Johnson

Heading into tonight, I thought both teams had a pretty good chance to win a game. If Myrtle Beach’s offense produced like it did last week, they could get to Charleston and hopefully fend off any late rallies. South Bend’s position guys got some much needed rest last week and they would be refreshed facing Cedar Rapids. Hopefully, they would not be rusty.

For South Bend, they faced an outstanding pitcher in Twins prospect David Festa out of Seton Hall. The 22-year-old 6-foot-6 righty just dominated the Cubs for six innings with 8 Ks. South Bend’s starting pitcher Luis Devers only gave up a solo home run in the first and then sailed through 5 more innings as he threw over 80 pitches, his first time at High A.

All the Cubs needed was just to get to the bullpen of the Kernels.

In the seventh, the Cubs got their wish but they were put down 1-2-3. 

Then, in the bottom of the eighth, all hell broke loose after a lead off double by Yohendrick Pinango. Pinango then scored on a bunt and throwing error to first base. Pablo Aliendo wound up on second as Pinango tied the game. Aliendo went to third on a bunt by Kevin Made and then scored the go-ahead run on a single by Fabian Pertuz to take a 2-1 lead. 

From there on in, it would be up to Jake Reindl to close it out.

Back in Charleston, Myrtle Beach struggled to put up runs. The only run they got was on a home run by Kevin Alcantara and it was a no doubter. 

After starter Grant Kipp allowed 2 runs in four innings, reliever Saul Gonzalez gave up 1 run and Johzan Oquendo gave up 3 runs in the seventh as Charleston pretty much had in the bag at 6-1 entering the eighth. And that was the final score.

Coming into the series, Myrtle Beach‘s weakness was going to be starting pitching as it was all in South Bend except for Tyler Santana who is on the injured list. They’re going to have to figure out something Thursday to get back in the series. Because now, it’s one loss and they are done for the year.

Back in South Bend, Jake Reindl came on in the ninth and shocked me as he did not hurl a bunch of wiffle ball sliders up to the plate. Instead, he surprised everyone by getting 2 of his three punchouts with his fastball. As a result, South Bend is now off to Cedar Rapids with a 1-0 lead. 

Both clubs are off tomorrow for a travel day as Myrtle Beach heads back home while South Bend will be off to Iowa where Porter Hodge will be dealing Thursday night! I like South Bend’s chances to close it out Thursday!

Web Gem of the Day

This was nifty turn of two by Fabian Pertuz and Kevin Made!