Haydn McGeary – Picture by Stephanie Lynn

Today was not as exciting as yesterday. Then again, it would be hard to top last night’s debut of Pedro Ramirez and the igniting of Moises Ballesteros. While I did watch the first half of the Bears game, I was able to watch some of Myrtle Beach and South Bend, there were some interesting things going on.

1. Parker Chavers – Professional hitter

2. Owen Caissie – He looks refreshed after taking about ten days off. He went 2-for-4 tonight with a HR after going 2-for-3 last night.

3. Haydn McGeary is fun. The dude has massive forearms that remind me of Popeye and he can hit the ball hard. He went 3-for-4 tonight, but no RBI.

4. Nick Hull Debut and Brody McCullough – 2 perfect innings from Hull to start the game. McCullough whiffed two in one inning of work. 

I am excited to see all five of those guys have at it and am really looking forward to them finishing the year.

Little League Home Run of the Day

Starting Pitcher of the Day

I really like Ben Brown and he should be even more fun next year after an offseason in the pitching program. Tonight, the young Smokie went four scoreless, struckout four, and allowed 6 hits and a walk. I will take that.

Hitter of the Day

I will admit when I am challenged to make a difficult choice. McGeary did go 3-for-4 but with no runs driven in. Jake Slaughter drove in 2 but went 1-for-4. Caissie, 2-for-4 with 1 RBI. Andy Weber went 2-for-4 with 1 RBI. It was just not a big night for much offense in the system.

Screw it! Let’s go with McGeary!

Reliever of the Day

Easy peasey. Bailey Horn of Tennessee takes this going away. He was just nasty. He went 1.1 innings with 2 Ks.

I will be back in the morning with “The Weekly” and a look at some pics of the week and some Matt Mervis thoughts.