Jacob Wetzel – Picture by Larry Kave/Myrtle Beach Pelicans 

Tonight was kind of a bittersweet night as it was my last night of taking pictures, probably for the regular season. I start back to teaching next week and I just don’t have the time to travel during the school week. As for the system, it was not the best of nights as South Bend, Tennessee, and Iowa as all lost while Myrtle Beach was the only winner. For whatever reason, from starting pitching troubles to errors to bullpen issues, it just didn’t happen tonight. And they’re gonna be nights like that. But there were still some good performances today.

Stats of the Day

Brad came through again today with PCA’s stat line since his return from his bone bruise.

Web Gem of the Day

I still don’t know how he got to that ball and I watched him the whole way.

Broken Narrative of the Day

Owen Caissie has improved greatly in the field. However, his arm has always been very good. I don’t know how that narrative got out there, but the young man can throw!

Starting Pitcher of the Day

Wade Miley was the best for Iowa, but rehabbing players don’t count. Porter Hodge struck out 7 despite having some issues in 4 innings of work. His slider, folks, MLB nasty. But the award today is going to Tyler Santana who went 6 and gave up three runs for Myrtle Beach. And that my friends is a quality start.

Reliever of the Day

It was a bit of a challenge today to find someone who was a shut down guy out of the pen. Angel Gonzalez pitched a scoreless ninth for Myrtle Beach and struck out 1 to get the only save on the night.

Dinger of the Day

Good to see Cole Roederer back in action after missing a few weeks!

Hitter of the Day

Jacob Wetzel’s bases clearing double helped secure the W for Myrtle Beach tonight. It is good to see Wetzel having a lot of big moments the past 5 weeks. 

I will be heading back home in the morning and my affiliate update on South Bend will drop online somewhere around 5:30 tomorrow morning. And, yes, it is automated to publish. I am sleeping in!