As most of you are reading this, I am probably getting ready to load up my truck and go top off the gas and head north on I 39 towards Appleton, Wisconsin. Along the way, I’ll make a pit stop and check the transaction wires to see what kind of moves the Cubs made today

I’m not expecting a lot.

It’s been a little bit hectic at times the past couple weeks, but we are settling in for the stretch playoff run and the rookie leagues wind up two weeks from today. As a result, we might see a couple of draft picks get some action in. 

But there’s just not a lot going on.

The Cubs didn’t make as many moves as we thought they would at the trade deadline. Add in the fact that they took 15 pitchers in the draft who already have pitched a full season. And with no big holes in the big league roster, Iowa’s roster is pretty much intact. That lack of movement plugged up the system.

Here are some moves that were made over the past few days in case you did missed them. A lot of them came rolling in about 6 PM just as I finished supper.

Iowa – Matt Dermody got a deal in South Korea and Brandon Leibrandt was released, Jeremiah Estrada is now in Iowa. 3B Esteban Quiroz was activated from the 60-day injured list. And in the big news, SS Luis Vazquez and RP Danis Correa are now up from Tennessee.

Tennessee – Ben Brown and Hunter Bigge arrived and Chase Strumpf is already hitting dingers since coming off the IL. Eduarniel Nunez is now up from South Bend and Zach Davis is down from Iowa.

South Bend – Daniel Palencia is back from the IL. Alfredo Zarraga is up from Myrtle Beach and Bradford Deppermann is now rehabbing in Mesa. They placed C Caleb Knight on the 7-day injured list and transferred RHP Manuel Espinoza from the 7-day injured list to the 60-day injured list. Joe Nahas has been activated and Jake Reindl was moved from the 7 Day IL to the 60 Day IL.

Myrtle Beach – Liam Spence is back up. Daniel Warkentin, Bryan Serra, and Tanner Jesson-Dalton were all released. LHP Andricson Salvador was assigned to Myrtle Beach Pelicans from ACL Cubs.

Mesa – Reggie Preciado is now on a rehab assignment to Mesa. Christopher Paciolla and Haydn McGeary were added to the roster.

Some moves will be made today, just not many (see above why).

12 PM Update

Don’t laugh but here are today’s only transactions so far…

RHP Alfredo Romero assigned to DSL Cubs Red from DSL Cubs Blue and RHP Charbel Gonzalez assigned to DSL Cubs Blue from DSL Cubs Red. Romero is a starter, Gonzalez, a reliever with just 1 start. That’s all I got for now. See you around 2!

5:20 PM

RHP Yovanny Cruz has been activated by the South Bend Cubs

That looks to be it today