Feature photo of Alexander Canario by Ed McGregor/MiLB.com

What I’m Reading

• I mean, it doesn’t get much better than an exclusive interview with Dan Kantrovitz, the man who runs the draft, right after the draft. Major ups to Greg Zumach to put together such an awesome piece here at NSB.

• More from Zumach, with a major assist from Steven Pappas, and this time it’s some nerdy stuff. This article encompasses what I think is being discussed in the “pitch lab” without once using the phrase “pitch lab.”

• Speaking of the “pitch lab,” Todd Johnson wrote one of my favorite articles of the year so far. He dug into why the draft team is taking more risks with high school pitchers and how it relates to the “pitch lab.” Spoiler: every team has the same technology and infrastructure as the Cubs… this front office just hires coaches that make it work better with their talent pool of athletes.

• Most MLB Draft articles focus on what draftees are or have been over the course of their non-professional careers. Bryan digs into the 20 Cubs selections and writes about what the Cubs might do with them once they get in the organization and how he sees them developing.

• If you like player comps, you’re gonna love this article from Sahadev Sharma and Patrick Mooney at The Athletic. Just a super, super interesting piece on Cade Horton and Jackson Ferris.

• If you missed what the Cubs system did on Saturday, do yourself a favor and go check out Bryan’s write up from the day. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, with legitimately 15+ hitters absolutely showing out.

What I’m Watching

• This year’s Pelicans team has been more fun that any other minor league team I’ve seen in my years of prospect coverage. Here’s a very small snippet of all the fun!

• Nazier Mule has me fired up. His confidence without sounding cocky is next-level in addition to his abilities to back it up on the field… both on the mound and at the plate.

• Speaking of an exciting Birds team, Myrtle Beach threw their second no-no of the season and their team account posted every single out from the day — a social media post that should be made in every single instance of a no-no.

• Mat Peters is, without a doubt, my favorite story coming out of the Cubs draft class. From a high school junior cut from his baseball team to a 12th round pick popping triple digits on the gun. Insanity. Pure insanity.

• I have this sneaking suspicion that Matt Mervis isn’t gonna stop raking anytime soon, even in Triple-A.

What I’m Tweeting

• Just a scheduled weekly rant about the fact that minor leaguers should be paid enough to, ya know, live. We’re not even arguing they have to live life mad luxurious. Just at least take care of extremely basic human needs.

• Myrtle Beach, South Bend, Tennessee: very good at hitting baseballs.

What’s Catching My Eye

• I was worried that Reggie Preciado’s injury was a legitimate serious leg injury. But all signs point toward him getting back on the field in August. That extra couple months of action could end up being huge for his development.

• Miggy Amaya back in the lineup gets me going, man. He’s a DH-only until he completes the rehab process from his Tommy John surgery, but seeing what he can do (and with a brand new stance and load) is going to be worth monitoring for the remainder of the season.

• These types of full-fledged changes to plate approach by Alexander Canario (and Christopher Morel) are what makes prospect writers look stupid. The tools are all there, but you simply can’t bank on a hitter completely changing who he is at the plate. But yet, here we are!

• Two days later and I still don’t have words to really put to my thoughts on this. So, so unfortunate for Marquez.