I was not expecting a lot of moves this week outside of draft picks. However, today became one of those surprising days, though, where almost every affiliate has made a move so far and we are probably not done for today and tomorrow. 

So here is what I’m going to do. We will start “Tuesday Transactions” today on a Monday. You can check back throughout today and tomorrow and I’ll update it as moves are made.

By the end of tomorrow, this could be a pretty long thread.

Monday 1:20 PM

Early this morning, the Iowa Cubs placed Cam Sanders on the development list. Cam had a very good first half of the year in April and May but has been struggling for the last five or six weeks.

The Tennessee Smokies placed Chase Strumpf on the seven day injured list. Minor league teams never disclose the injury. However, video from Brad clearly captures the ball hitting his right hand.

In addition, Ben Hecht is returning to Tennessee from his rehab assignment from Tommy John surgery. The reliever missed all of 2021 and all of 2022 until today.

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans are going to be getting the services of 2020 fifth round pick Koen Moreno. Someone got a little excited to see that on the transaction wire…but we are not about naming names here at North Side Bound (it was me).

I am hearing rumors that a certain starting pitcher is heading from Myrtle Beach to South Bend but neither affiliate nor minor league baseball has confirmed said rumor. That also might require another move being made to supply Myrtle Beach with another pitcher since they just lost Porter Hodge to South Bend last week.

I’ll be back periodically throughout the day and during my Fantasy Football drafts. So far, it’s not going as well as hoped.

Tuesday Morning 6:40 AM

The only move that happened last night was that Matt Swarmer cleared waivers and was assigned to Iowa.

I am hearing lots of chatter about a few moves including South Bend getting a new starter and Tennessee might be getting another player. Most of those moves won’t start happening until after 9 central time with the majority of moves taking place around lunch. I am expecting to see a few draft picks get assigned to Mesa.

The big news last night came from Jared Banner, the VP of Player Development. He announced that Brailyn Marquez will be out for the year after undergoing shoulder debridement surgery. It is an arthroscopic procedure where they go in and scrape areas inside the shoulder like the rotator cuff. For most regular people, they take 6-8 weeks to recover. For baseball players, you never know. It is likely he will be ready for spring training.

The other bit of news was good as Brennen Davis will playing in Mesa in 2-3 weeks as the last step in his rehab! Woo-hoo! Whether he will get to Chicago this year is up in the air, but it is good he didn’t miss the whole year and this also allows him to go play in the Arizona Fall League.

10:10 AM Update

No news so far. But it will come. How fast, you ask? I never know. But by 1 PM, we should know what is going down with Myrtle Beach and Iowa (and a little bit with South Bend).

12:15 PM – Update

And here is the move I have been hearing about for two days. Tyler Schlaffer to South Bend.

1:10 PM

Got the Iowa email. No moves there today other than Sanders and Swarmer. South Bend and Tennessee are pretty quiet, as usual at this time of day. Myrtle Beach email has yet to arrive. I am not expecting any more moves than what we have already seen.

1:45 PM

Myrtle Beach email came in. No new moves there. Just waiting for South Bend and Tennessee to announce any moves. That will be in 2-3 hours and maybe even right at game time, if at all.