Here we are again and it’s going to be a hot one today in northern Illinois. I’ll be hopping on I-88 at Dixon to go to Davenport this afternoon to go see South Bend play tonight, weather permitting. It is supposed to rain this afternoon. Inclement weather, though, is not going to stop transactions from happening. I’m expecting a few today…like four or five moves.

There were a couple made last night:

*Myrtle Beach Pelicans sent RHP Alberto Sojo on a rehab assignment to ACL Cubs.
*SS Liam Spence assigned to ACL Cubs from Myrtle Beach Pelicans.

Let’s get to my newly updated should be promoted list.

1. Yovanny Cruz

He got in a couple games in Arizona last week so he’s pretty close to ready. He did, after all, strike out 9 in 3.1 IP over 2 games. He should go to South Bend but he also might continue his rehab in Myrtle Beach. It is doubtful he heads to the Carolina League since he is throwing 100 already. That will play in South Bend. If that happens, somebody else has got to move.

2. Jeremiah Estrada

Yeah, it’s time – He has a 1.17 ERA after two months. That’s enough to get you bumped to the next level. There’s no need to sit around and wait. He should be in Tennessee late this afternoon.

3. Adam Laskey

The lefty reliever is ready. In fact, he’s more than ready. Like Estrada I don’t know why they’re at their current levels other than there’s a backlog of arms in the system, which I guess is a good problem to have.

4. Someone to Start in the Rotation at Tennessee

With Max Bain on the injured list at Tennessee, the Smokies are going to need a starting pitcher. They have Assad, Espinoza, Clarke, Dalton Stambaugh, and Peyton Remy, but I would imagine that manager Michael Ryan is calling for either DJ Herz or Jordan Wicks. It would not surprise me if either of them got the bump or we might be surprised and see Joe Nahas move up and somebody from Myrtle Beach like Luis Devers come to South Bend. That might work. Then again, it is most likely that Stambaugh and Remy will stay in the rotation. Estrada might be the call here.

5. Returning from the IL

We should also see a few players coming back from the IL today. Michael McAvene posted pics of himself in an airport yesterday. I have been waiting to see him pitch in person since the Cubs drafted him in 2019. I am pretty sure he is headed to South Bend. In addition, Gabriel Jaramillo is back in a South Bend Cubs unform and was in the bullpen Sunday, even if he was not activated. With Brad Deppermann now on the IL. Both these moves make sense.

One key thing to remember about transactions going forward is that the Cubs have quite the number of good outfielders. It’s going to be very hard for a position player to move someone aside the next couple years. Probably the easiest places to move in the system right now might be third base, second base, and catcher.

I’ll check in about 9 or 9:30 this morning and throughout the day until I leave for Davenport at 2. When I get to Davenport, I’ll see what’s happening and I may have some pictures of some new guys today when they warm up. I am also going to try to get in a ‘couple of interviews today – I would like to talk to Sheldon Reed. If McAvene has time, that would be cool as well. Usually, that’s a bit much to ask of a prospect on his first day. We’ll see what happens. You never know.

9:21 AM

Nothing much is happening right now. I will check back around 10 am.

10:10 AM

Still, much ado about nothing so far. I hope that it all shakes down between noon and 2.

11:00 AM

I am saw that Riley Thompson posted on his Instagram that he is down in Pensacola with the Smokies. He could be coming of the Development List soon. He and Ryan Jensen have both been on it since May 9. That’s a long time. Hopefully, we will find out today if they will be back on the roster or still working on something.

12:21 pm

First one just came in. BJ Murray to South Bend, pitcher Tanner Jesson-Dalton to Myrtle Beach

4 PM

I made it just in time for a load of transactions. For South Bend, Jeremiah Estrada will be in Tennessee tonight. Grayson Byrd was released. Michael McAvene and Jaramillo were added to the roster today. Bailey Reid went on the Development list.

4:30 PM

Ryan Jensen and Andy Weber were activated today off the injured list in Tennessee. Kyle Johnson and Christian Donahue were placed on the development list