We have reached the point in the year where  transactions will slow down quite a bit and the prospects are just going to play. Then again, you never know what will happen. Injuries could change things, trades, and even performance promotions could upset the status quo.

As for today, my most likely to be promoted list is shrinking rapidly. Here it is:

1. Jeremiah Estrada – I think you all know how I feel on the subject of Mr. Estrada. I’ve been ready to promote him for the past three weeks.

2. DJ Herz likely has just one or two starts left in South Bend. If he gets to the sixth inning this week, he should be headed to Tennessee.

3. Bryan Hudson – I want to see him in Chicago. It does not get any simpler than that; he’s just been a stud the first two months of this year and all of last year. His conversion to reliever has gone way better than anyone expected as we’ve seen an uptick in velocity and I really like his attitude on the mound. He is just a bulldog out there and will not give in. He’s put away the nibbling and just attacks and attacks. That is what he needed to do and will need to do in Chicago.

4. Adam Laskey – I think the Myrtle Beach reliever is ready to go. I think he is much improved over last year and that Buddy Bailey and Clayton Mortensen have done a good job of honing in on what he does well.

5. Luis Rodriguez – The lefty reliever/piggyback starter has been near dominant all year and is more than ready to move to the next level or he could move into the starting rotation should someone else get the call to South Bend.

6. Yohendrick Pinango is starting to make some waves that he needs to be promoted. One thing the Cubs are trying to get Pinango to do he is doing and that is hit with power. He just turned 20 and the Cubs may want him to mature a little bit more before he gets to Double-A. 

With the Mesa Cubs now playing, we should start to get into some of those players coming up to Myrtle Beach over the next 2 and 1/2 months before their season ends. I’m most concerned about the quality of pitching in Mesa and we are going to find out really quickly just how good it is or isn’t. If last night was any indication, it is going to be a mixed bag.

I’ll be back around 9:30 or 10 AM to check in just in case there are any early moves. Otherwise, I will be out at my woodpile cleaning it up today along with cleaning out the garage. 

9:00 AM

It is pretty quiet out there, even on the rumor front. The only transaction to report was actually made yesterday as the Cubs optioned Connor Menez to Iowa after he cleared waivers. No biggie.

The only move I possibly see coming today is Myrtle Beach adding another reliever to replace Chase Watkins who went on the IL Sunday.

11:00 AM

South Bend Cubs placed RHP Bradford Deppermann on the 7-day injured list.

They might be getting a pitcher from Myrtle Beach, but it looks like Yovanny Cruz could be coming back soon as he is technically listed as being on a rehab assignment in Mesa.

We will see as the afternoon rolls on.

12:30 PM

In the next hour or two is usually when I get emails from the Pelicans and Iowa about roster changes and game notes. Otherwise, it is a day of hurry up and wait.

2:00 PM

Iowa does not have any transactions today. I’m now waiting on Myrtle Beach to send me their game notes with transactions. South Bend might have one later but I doubt if Tennessee does.

3:40 PM

I think the transaction in the tweet below might be it for the day. Maybe, just maybe, South Bend adds a pitcher…but I am not holding my breath. We should know in the hour to hour an half.

4:10 PM

Anderson Espinoza is on his back to Tennessee somewhat solving the Smokies’ rotation issues.

I think that might be it. We will find out by 5 pm.