Normally, the rosters for the Dominican Summer League (DSL) squads come out the day of the first game, which is today. Much to my surprise, the Cubs had their rosters up and ready to go last night. As a result, you get a preview of the rosters before the game as the Cubs’ Blue team takes on the Mets and Red team fights the Pirates today.

I will be back later this afternoon with a recap of the Cubs action in Boca Chica.

Let’s take a look at who is going to be on each squad and some possible names to watch.

DSL Blue

Gabriel AgrazalDavid BrachoDiego Dugarte 
Leury GomezYoendris Gonzalez
* Zhiorman ImbrianoJair JimenezJoel Jimenez
Adrian MartinezEligio Paredes Welington Quintero
Jensi Ramirez Luis Rafael ReyesYafrerlyn Vasquez 

Out of the 14 rostered pitchers, 7 of them pitched in the DSL last year. Imbriano had some success in the second half when the young lefty began starting. Joel Jimenez has some starting experience but it is Luis Reyes who had the most success last year coming out of the bullpen with a 2.86 ERA in 15 games

Abel DeLeon * Jairo DiazDilver Gomez 
Jose Herrera Fredy Montenegro 

Only Herrera and Montenegro have MiLB experience and both hit under .200 which explains why they are still in the DSL. 

Moises Febrillet Geuri Lubo * Luis Maza
Jefferson Rojas# Sandy Sanchez # Esmarly Tatis
Jerry Torres

Rojas and Tatis should be the two names to watch. Rojas was signed back in January and was one of Baseball America’s top 50 IFAs. Tatis hit .250 last year and this is his last year in the DSL as he just turned 22. 

* Josefrailin Alcantara Albert BelliardDaniel Ferreira 
* Raul GuzmanEdward Vargas

I am all in on Alcantara who was signed back in January and I am hoping Ferreira can overcome a poor showing last year in the DSL at 17. 


* Melvyn Amador Yohan CrispinKenneddy Delgado
*Scarlyn Lebron David Olivo Luis Alberto Reyes
* Samuel RodriguezYenrri Rojas Alfredo Romero 
Albaro Santana Freilyn Silverio Runelvis Toribio
* Kevin Valdez Irving Vazquez

While this squad only has 5 pitchers with experience, they might be the more interesting group to follow as Delgado did well in just five games while Lebron and Rodriguez had success in limited roles last year.

Yoanis AleksandrovCarlos Altuve Yidel Diaz
Carlos Ramos Adan Sanchez

Yeah, this looks to be system overload. Adan Sanchez is the name that catches your eye as he was the Cubs top IFA signing back in January out of Panama. Aleksandrov is a physical specimen from Bulgaria who should have an interesting experience while Altuve and Diaz were also signed this spring.

# Elizaul Chalas Andrws Cruz * Darlyn DeLeon 
* Jose Escobar Alexis HernandezLizardo Ruiz  

Alexis Hernandez is the name to watch here as he tries to create his own shadow. How well he does in the first few games will be fun to watch but not that really important in the big scheme of things. I was surprised to see Andrws Cruz back as he hit .300+ last year in half a season. 

Daniel BenschopJoan Delgado Oferman Hernandez 
Erbin Jaque Josias Ramirez Julio Valdez

I am all in on Daniel Benschop who the Cubs signed out of Aruba and has the reputation of being quite the athlete. I am hoping Oferman Hernandez can bounce back from a poor first year in the DSL in 2021. I swear that he was busting his hump on Instagram everyday to get stronger this winter.