Sure enough, as soon as the Major League product crossed over into the “more likely to end up with the number one pick than a playoff spot” threshold, Marquee makes the big announcement that they will start airing some minor league action.

The Cubs television station did the same thing last summer after the giant trade deadline fire sale and honestly, it’s brilliant. Cubs fans have been forced to turn to prospect optimism during this trying time at the Major League level so why not give fans a taste of what they want?

As you can see, all four affiliates will get in on the action which means all four broadcast teams will get to flex their muscles a bit. The minors on Marquee were a huge hit with the broadcasters a season ago with Alex Cohen (Iowa), Mick Gillespie (Tennessee), Brendan King (South Bend), Max Thoma (South Bend), and Sam Weiderhaft (Myrtle Beach) all working the mic like they were MLB vets.

39 games is a significant chunk of the season and honestly, more than I had expected. It couldn’t come at a better time though, as the Cubs farm system is as talented as it’s been in nearly a decade and there are future big leaguers scattered across every single level of the system. Making those prospects more accessible to both diehards and the casual fans can only be considered a tremendous thing for everyone involved.