The idea of Chris Morel being called up has been talked about recently as he is already on the 40 man and can play a lot of positions. Well, this morning, the hyperactive utility player is on his way to Chicago!!!

Here is the latest report on Morel’s skills from Prospects Live.

This is going to be exciting to see how he does and how long he stays! He’s been on a roll for a while.

Back to the minors….

Way back when the season started, there were about 35 to 40 players who were not assigned to an affiliate. Some of those players were later placed on the 7-day or 60-day IL. Others were given a spot on a roster and are now seeing action from Myrtle Beach all the way up to Iowa. Over the last two months, that list has now dwindled now down to six players – Miguel Pabon (now a catcher), Josue Huma, Reivaj Garcia, Bryan Serra (now a catcher), Flemin Bautista, and Matt Warkentin, who is transitioning to pitching. If there is a need, expect to see them get the call.  As well, catcher Tim Susnara looks to be close to returning from the IL.

We’re also starting to see some pitchers come back and begin their rehabs in Mesa like Jack Patterson and Michael McAvene. Patterson is pretty close to re-joining a team and it’s unclear where he would go at this stage of his rehab. He could end up in Tennessee or he could end up in South Bend. Now that it’s starting to get warm out, it’s more about getting his work in and strengthening his left arm.

McAvene is a little further away as he just started throwing live bullpen practice. When he does return to action, I am pretty sure we can cross off starting pitcher for the time being. He’s likely to come out of the pen at this stage of the season. It also depends on how much the Cubs stretch him out in extended spring training. There are still three weeks left to go before the Arizona Complex League officially begins play and McAvene could also open his 2022 season in Mesa on a rehab assignment.

I am pretty close to creating a depth chart for the Arizona Complex League. I’ve held off on making a table with all the players on it because some of them could end up in Myrtle Beach instead of Mesa. But I did make a depth chart field.

I’m not really expecting much of anything to happen today. I doubt we see a big Pete Crow-Armstrong move for at least a couple more weeks. The same might be true for BJ Murray who is pushing the envelope to get to South Bend.

The only position player that I could see moving today that I would be ecstatic about is Andy Weber. He’s just crushing it right now in Tennessee and not only is he getting on base at a high clip, he is punishing the baseball when he hits it.

I would also love to see relievers Jeremiah Estrada, Sheldon Reed, and Jake Reindl get moved and I hope to even see Hunter Bigge get a call as well.

I talked about this earlier this winter that if you want to get promoted, you better make them promote you. And that’s really where we’re at right now. Players are going to have to produce to stay on a team and then to move to the next level. It’s turning into a really competitive atmosphere and what I like is that these guys are also encouraging each other along the way. 

I’ll be back throughout the day after I check the transaction wires and my email. Maybe there’ll be something good, maybe there won’t.

8:45 AM

We should see some moves to replace Morel’s roster spot throughout the day and things should probably trickle up from South Bend and Myrtle Beach. WIth South Bend and Myrtle Beach on the road, this could take awhile.

9:40 AM

Another stunner, but congrats to Brandon Hughes! It could not happen to a nicer guy!

11:05 AM

Nothing yet. I will be teaching the next hour plus until 12:45.


OF Peter Matt retired. He was assigned to Myrtle Beach and was only playing 2-3 times a week.

12:00 PM

Nothing in the last half an hour.


Matt Mervis was promoted from South Bend to Tennessee. He made quick work of High-A hitting .571 last week,

1:22 PM

I am still waiting on Gameday emails from each club. We should see a few more moves before the end of the afternoon. FYI – the emails could come at anytime.

1:55 PM

Still waiting….

3:00 PM

Crickets – no emails yet! Nothing from South Bend, Tennessee, Myrte Beach, or Iowa yet today. And it is getting late.

I will be back in an hour as school is wrapping up and I have to drive home and take care of some pups before I check again.

3:55 PM

Finally!!! Jake Reindl is on his way to South Bend! The reliever has dealt with a lot of injuries since he was drafted in 2018 missing all of 2018 and half of 2019 before he debuted in Mesa.

4:10 PM

The Myrtle Beach email is in and Frankie is back!