A strange thing happened this week – Back in early April, the Cubs announced which prospects were going to be at which affiliate. At that time, they did not include any players that were injured or left behind in extended spring training in case of injuries. And there was only one player announced to be on the development list at the time and that was Jonathan Sierra at South Bend.

This week, the Cubs assigned all players on the 7-Day injured list and the 60-Day injured list to an affiliate. Everybody had to go somewhere so some of the assignments may not have anything to do with where the player could actually end up playing when they get healthy. For example, Casey Opitz is on Myrtle Beach‘s roster but he would more than likely play in South Bend if he were all set.

Here’s a look at where all the IL players are now assigned.

7-Day IL

These prospects can return at any time like Bailey Horn did this week in South Bend.

IowaTennesseeSouth Bend Myrtle Beach
Steven Brault
Jonathan Holder
Brendon Little
Dakota Mekkes
Manny Rodriguez
Gabriel Jaramillo
Scott Kobos
Brailyn Marquez
Jack Patterson 
CD Pelham
Samuel Reyes
Dauris Valdez
Miguel Amaya
Tim Susnara
Jose Albertos
Yovanny Cruz
Bryan King
Zac Leigh
Michael McAvene
Cole Roederer
Frankie Scalzo
Kevin Made
Casey Opitz
Felix Stevens

60-Day IL

These players will be out until June 8 at the earliest. That is the two month window from when the season began. It was interesting seeing Drew Gray, Joel Machado, and Erian Rodriguez all assigned to Myrtle Beach.

TennesseeSouth Bend Myrtle Beach
Ben Hecht
DJ Artis
Derek Casey
Tanner Jesson-Dalton
Chris Kachmar
Kelvin Feliz
Drew Gray
Joel Machado
Erian Rodriguez
Andricson Salvador
Alberto Sojo
Sam Thoresen
Parker Chavers
Christian Franklin

As a result, that still leaves the following players who played at full season last year without an affiliate: Grayson Byrd, Carlos Sepulveda, Alejandro Rivero, Miguel Pabon (who is transitioning to catching), Reivaj Garcia, Josue Huma, Flemin Bautista, and Jake Slaughter.

In sad news, Josh Burgamann retired. The Cubs also released infielder Edwin Figuera this week.

It’s about time for me to now redo the Depth Charts, all four Affiliate Pages, and the Prospect Profile Database as a result. This could take a while. It will give me something to do while the draft is going on.