Today is going to be an extremely busy day…for me. Hopefully, there will be some transactions that keep us busy, too!

We might see a few player moves today, but I’ll be teaching in the morning, taking my wife to an appointment in the early afternoon, and then heading off to the Quad Cities. Somewhere in there, I will be trying to keep track of any transactions that are made. There will be a two hour gap of traveling time. Lately, most affiliates have been putting their news out in the late afternoon or about an hour before game time. I should be in Davenport around 4ish.

There are still several players who could be called up at a moment’s notice this week or next if there is an injury. They are still out in Mesa and not on the IL. Grayson Byrd, Carlos Sepulveda, Reivaj Garcia, Ben Holmes, Bailey Horn, Josue Huma, Bryan King, CD Pelham, Samuel Reyes, Wyatt Short, and Jake Slaughter were all listed by Arizona Phil as ready, willing, and able to go wherever needed. 

Matt Warkentin is also there and is working on being a two way player adding left-handed reliever to his vitae. Miguel Pabon has been working on adding catching to his utility role while Christian Olivo, who will probably start the year in Mesa, will be shifting to the outfield as SS is little clogged in front of him.

In fact, the transactions actually started on Sunday afternoon. Danis Correa arrived in Tennessee and made his Double-A debut while LHP Brandon Hughes was bumped up to Triple-A Iowa in a well-deserved promotion.

I will be back around noon to check in with any early moves.

1:15 – It’s been a pretty quiet day. If something is going to happen, it will probably take place while I am driving with my luck.

5:15 PM

I made it to Iowa just fine and have already taken a lot of pictures and talked to several players already. After checking my email, there’s just not a lot happening today other than the Brandon shoes announcement from Iowa which I already talked about.