Currently, I am at home today and had a couple hours to kill and I thought I would drop some random thoughts that have been going through my brain on a variety of topics. I am weird like that as I never know where my brain will take me.

The System

Depending on who you read at any given point, the Cubs’ system is clearly one to watch this year. With several new additions and, dare I say, upgrades, the Cubs system is filled with a lot of toolsy guys now. The problem is those prospects still have to go out and produce at a high level in order to fulfill their potential. If several of them do, then a year from now we could be looking at a top 10 system, especially if several of them get through two levels this year.

With all that talent, there is going to be some intense competition for spots at each affiliate this year. As players produce, the Cubs will advance them when they start checking off things in their development plan or are just dominating a level for an extended time. When that player moves up a level. a spot is going to have to be made for them.

With no MLB season for the foreseeable future, that really puts a cap on player movement at the upper levels and probably trickles down to the lower levels. Usually, the Cubs tend to make a few promotions around the first of May and first of June. Sometimes, injuries also play a role. Either way, I will be entranced watching the transaction wire every Tuesday this summer!

Tennessee – I have a sneak peek tomorrow on their bullpen, but the battles for playing time for position players here are going to be fierce.

South Bend – I already have my first two sets of trips planned to see South Bend. I will be making the jaunt over to Davenport in late April. I will probably go 3-4 times that week. Then, in May, I will head up to Appleton for two weekend games right before school gets out. I am also excited to hear Max Thoma and Brendan King on the play-by-play as they make a great pair!

Myrtle Beach – I really like Sam Weiderhaft on the call for the Pelicans. He has that classic baseball voice and his enthusiasm for the action is contagious.

Pete Crow-Armstrong – Most people that think they know how good he is or can be might be a little short. He might be the actual best prospect the Cubs have. I know that sacrilegious to all you Brennen Davis fans out there (including me), but Crow-Armstrong might be the best all-around prospect the Cubs have had since Kris Bryant. We shall see how Pete does.

Burl Carraway – 2022 could be the year he puts it altogether. With the addition of a slider, he now can become the pitcher everyone thought they were getting in the 2020 draft.

I really like watching Cole Roederer hit. The swing is a thing of beauty and it is all so effortless to watch. His comeback from Tommy John surgery is a key storyline that I will be following. I cannot wait to see him in the OF later in the year because he can pick it out there.

I have been obsessed with roster construction lately. Every time I try to do each affiliate my brain hurts. I end up giving up as the Cubs have 180 players to squeeze onto 5 teams. I am not sure quite sure where they are going to put them all.

This Cam Collier kid at Chipola JC hit another dinger. He is quickly becoming my favorite draft pick. Collier has pushed Dylan Lesko over to the side for now.

I miss Faustino Carrera, who the Rays took in the Rule 5, along with Jeff Passantino and Wladimir Galindo. I wish all three were still with the Cubs.

The prospects I am most intrigued with right now are BJ Murray and Alejandrop Rivero, both possible 3B with power, who the Cubs added last summer via the draft and MiLB free agency. I am looking forward to them hitting lots of HRs this year.

I am expecting the Cubs to go all-in on the Draft League again. The Cubs took several selections from their last summer and I expect them to do the same this summer.

Owen Caissie is still my guy.

Scott Kobos – starting pitcher. Get used to it.

Where Michael McAvene and Kohl Franklin are placed to start the year should be the first dominoes in setting up the rotations of Tennessee, Myrtle Beach, and South Bend.

Richard Gallardo,,,hoping this is his year.

I have more, but I am going to stop as I probably could talk about each and every prospect today.