Picture of Jordan Wicks by Todd Johnson

MLB Pipeline’s Jim Callis appeared on 670 the Score’s Inside the Clubhouse this morning to talk prospects. Heading into the interview, I was hoping Callis would talk about when Pipeline’s top 100 List drops along with the Top 30 Team lists. As well, I was hoping Caleb Kilian would get some love along with some surprises.

Here are some tidbits from the brief interview.

On Pete Crow- Armstrong – “He’s not going to be a guy who races to the big leagues because an injury to his non-throwing shoulder.” Callis then spoke about how one scout thought the Cubs had the best trade last summer trading for PCA. Callis sees PCA as a premier defender in the big leagues with some power, but not a lot.

MLB Top 100 – “We won’t do a top 100 list until the lockout ends.”

There were rumors that this was this case and Callis confirmed it. It is no surprise because of who owns MLB Pipeline. As a result, prospect list season is going to drag out awhile longer.

Marquez and Amaya Recoveries and Expectations

“There’s a lot of uncertainty around both those guys.”

The hope is that Amaya can come back mid-year and DH. Callis speculated that Amaya would not catch this year. He added that Amaya might not get behind the plate until fall instructs.

As for Marquez, Callis called him “an enigma” and then chronicled Marquez’s up and down the last two years of only pitching 0.2 innings in a competitive games in that span.

Caleb Kilian Time Frame

“I guess it depends on the rules affecting service time.” Callis added that Kilian is close. Callis said that, “He’s a guy whose stuff came on in instructional league with the Giants in 2020.” Callis added that Kilian has the highest floor of any Cubs’ pitching prospect. Then Callis described the highs and lows of Kilian about how he was shelled in his first Arizona Fall League start and then took off.

Callis also praised DJ Herz and his accomplishments along with Jordan Wicks who he thought might move quickly.

It was a pretty quick interview as far as the Cubs were concerned as he also covered the White Sox. Good stuff!