Feature photo by Rich Biesterfeld

What I’m Reading

• Honestly, just a silly amount of Cubs prospect content this past week. You love to see it. We’ll lead off with something I wrote because… well I said so. But in all seriousness, I had a lot of fun writing about some of the best all-around hitters in the system from last year and I was able to utilize my nerdiness to the full extent.

• I’ve seen “If Brennen Davis doesn’t start the year in Chicago then it’s service time manipulation” on Twitter far too often recently. Because of that, I argue for him to get some seasoning in Iowa and why it’s best for his long-term development in what will be a long Major League career.

• If you get the chance to read about Tyler Santana, Frankie Scalzo, Chase Watkins, and Riley Martin, you should take it.

• Jimmy put in absolute WORK digging into every one of Kevin Made’s plate appearances from last year. The result was the deepest of all dives into what it means:

• Zumach had conversations with some of the top pitching prospects in the system and they provided him some really good insight heading into this season.

• The biggest news of the week was Major League Baseball being truly awful to minor league players. What else is new. The league is trying to 1) cut even more players, 2) claim the players are the equivalent to middle schoolers at a local JuCo camp, and 3) all while not adequately paying them right now.

What I’m Watching

• We can always count on Max Bain for video content.

• You guys HAVE to turn on your sound for this one.

• Have I made a Mid-Week Buzz post without mentioning James Triantos? I’m not gonna start today.

What We’re Tweeting

• Had to take a look back to the good ol’ days. That rotation was so damn good.

• My thoughts on Ed Howard can be viewed in the same light as those on Brennen Davis from earlier. Silk is damn good, don’t rush his development just because he’s a top prospect. Take it easy. Watch him take off.

• We got angry and sad and upset over the treatment of minor leaguers. We’ve gotten to know these dudes over the last several years and I promise you, they deserve so much better.

• I’m here for Jordan Wicks bring the perfect personality combo of Jon Lester meets Kyle Hendricks.

What’s Catching My Eye

• More on minor leaguers being screwed over. Fix this, MLB.

• Tyler Durna was one of my favorites to watch in the system. He was an incredible defensive first baseman that I’m sure his fellow infielders will miss for his scoops; he was maybe the most “professional” hitters in the system who seemed to work deep counts in every single AB; he was a heck of a teammate that everyone seemed to absolutely love playing with. Here’s to his next moves, I’m sure he’ll be great at whatever he chooses to do!