Picture of Brennen Davis by Todd Johnson

In a Cubs season filled with highs and lows, one bright spot was the massive restocking of the farm system. While it’s contentious among fans about whether they stand in support of how Jed Hoyer deepened the farm system, most understand the rationale why. But after witnessing the reload/restocking/retooling this summer fans may feel a bit restless seeing only one Cubs prospect named to a Top 100 ranking from a major publication.

Brennen Davis was an early bright spot in the minor league season once he returned from being hit in the head in spring camp. He stands as the only Cubs prospect listed on Keith Law of The Athletic’s Top 100 ($), checking it at 28 overall.

Seeing Brennen Davis’s name should not come as a shock to anyone who reads our articles. Brennen was the unanimous top Cubs prospect in the North Side Bound Rankings. Brennen’s inclusion to Law’s list at 28 overall largely fits with other rankings, where he’s finished the season in the top 15-25 prospects.

Law heaped praise on Davis noting his “balanced swing” and he’s “generating power to all fields”. Though he notes some concern that Davis is more likely a right fielder than center fielder, Law discusses the Cubs top prospect’s 30-homer upside.

While the Davis report is very positive, fans may be left wanting for more Cubs prospects on the list. There is no “Just Missed” section to detail which, if any, Cubs were on the cusp of being ranked. More information to come, if it becomes available.

The Cubs system is on the rise, but like several of the other publications, The Athletic is hesitant when it comes to buying in yet. We may (hopefully) see a drastically different viewpoint next offseason.

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