It’s been a while since I’ve found myself on the NSB site — two weeks to be exact! I’ve spent a considerable amount of time moving from Columbus, OH all the way to Central Illinois and let me tell you something that I’m sure you all already know… moving absolutely blows. I hate it. It’s the worst.

Since I’ve been pretty absent from the onlines recently, I’m sure I’ll miss something here in the Mid-Week Buzz. If there’s something worth noting, send it my way on social media!

What I’m Reading

• So much happened in 2021. Like, so much. Actually, almost an unbelievable amount of Cubs prospect content.

• We know the Cubs’ system has strength in young, potentially high-upside talent. Baseball Prospectus played right into that with their top prospect list.

• How appropriate is it that DJ Herz got a feature from MLB’s Jordan Bastian the same week he graced the airwaves of the Growing Cubs podcast?

What I’m Watching

• Tyler Schlaffer has some nasty stuff and I want to keep pushing his name out there into the world. I mean, check out that cambio!

• Kevin Alcantara swings? Kevin Alcantara swings.

• Finally starting to get some pitchers throwing bullpens and posting them on social media. Would you expect anyone other than Max Bain to be one of the first to do so? You love to see it.

What We’re Tweeting

• Jordan Wicks developing a real pretty looking curveball could be devastating on opposing hitters. It’s new, it’s already decent, and could become really good by the time the season ramps up.

• There’s nothing I love more than saying “we aren’t talking about ‘player x’ enough!” Included this week are Bryce Windham (bat-to-ball king) and Jack Patterson (story of the 2019 season).

What’s Catching My Eye

• THREE days until the International Free Agency ramps up! That gives me a perfect opportunity to plug one of my favorite features at this website — the IFA database!

• The Cubs have hired a new scout so I’ll be keeping an extra close eye on players out of the Carolinas for the draft class!

• The man Sam Weiderhaft is BACK in the booth this year for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. He’s one of the best in the game and we also happened to have him on the Growing Cubs pod last month!