What I’m Reading

• Caleb Kilian put together quite possibly the best pitching performance in AFL history. No exaggeration. Read the full rundown from Greg Zumach right here at NSB.

• We often get caught up in the guys that currently find themselves on top prospect lists right now. But what about the fellas that were once on those lists or might be in the future? We should keep an eye on those guys, too.

• Brailyn Marquez The Weapon ™️

• I’m gonna try to hide this bad news within this article. Miguel Amaya. Tommy John. No good.

• But hey, there might be some optimism for Miggy coming out on the other end of a long rehab process!

What I’m Watching

• One week, there won’t be a Nelly highlight to show here. This is not that week.

• If you want the video highlights from Kilian’s dominant outing in the AFL championship game, we’ve got you covered right here!

What We’re Tweeting

• There are so many dudes that lost a significant amount of time last year due to injury. One of my favorites is Jack Patterson and man, I can’t wait to see him back on the bump in 2022.

• Maybe burying the lede, but the biggest news of the week was Nelson Velazquez and Ethan Roberts being added to the 40-man roster. Big, huge congrats to those guys. Two of my favorites in the system.

• Speaking of Roberts, look at these stupid good numbers.

• Maybe a guy to look out for in the actual draft portion of the Rule 5 Draft!

• In addition to being really talented as baseball, Velazquez is a bonafide winner everywhere he goes.

What’s Catching My Eye

• Are the Cubs lowkey good at drafting? Safe to say I don’t have the corresponding numbers for other teams, but what Brad lays out below feels impressive.

• This Rule 5 protection window is over, so who’s gonna be the nerd to start talking about next year’s window? Oh, that’s already happened? Our guy Bryan is all over it.

• 🎶 The boys are back in town 🎶

• Nelly is an MVP

• The Chicago Cubs organization simply cannot stop winning championships.

Feature photo by Rich Biesterfeld