The Arizona Fall League championship game aired on MLB Network on Saturday night which meant Cubs fans got a front row seat to the show Caleb Kilian put on. North Side Bound’s No. 14 prospect looked nasty all night, pitching to a final line of 5 innings, 0 hits, 0 runs, 7 strikeouts, 0 walks.

Greg Zumach will have a deeper dive into his outing because, let’s face it, this performance deserves multiple posts. Until then, we’ll marvel at Kilian’s sinker-cutter-slider-curveball combo.

• A cutter, sinker, and curveball back-to-back-to-back means a 41-second strikeout.

• Not a whole lot of guys get a chase on a heater low and inside.

• Look at the arm-side run on this sinker. My gracious.

• I’ve been told some guy names Hottovy digs high sinkers. Well, here you go.

• The dude just manipulates the heck out of his pitches. Drop a few ticks off the cutter, get some more depth, and voila! A good looking slider!

• And an exclamation point to an incredible night!

• Here’s a whole lot of pretty pitches, if you’re into that sort of thing!