This is where you’re really going to see the true vibes of this brand new site on full display. The desire of the four founders of North Side Bound was to continue the hard work we have been doing already, individually, but now combine it and bring your eyeballs to one centralized location.

I’m not changing what I do or how I do it (for the most part), I’m just doing it with my friends in a new location. The Mid-Week Buzz is something I’m pulling over from Out Of The Vines and it’s just a quick snapshot of what’s been going down in the prospect world over the past week.

For the most part, it’s going to be a collection of tweets, articles, and other thoughts that you can find daily on our Twitter feeds. But in case you might have missed something and are too lazy to visit each of us on that awful bird app, I’ve got you covered right here!

What I’m Reading

• So, we uh, started this website…

• You want Nelson Velazquez content? There’s plenty of it out there right now. Greg Zumach profiled this season from the big outfielder right here at NSB, Greg Huss had him covered over at Cubs Insider, and Jim Callis at MLB Pipeline wrote about Nelly and Caleb Kilian taking home player of the week honors in the AFL.

• Evan Altman wrote about the aforementioned Kilian developing a new pitch and *of course* it’s a spike curve. We’ve heard that before in this system.

• The big news coming with our NSB opening day was the release of ALL FOUR of our founders’ prospect lists. That’s a lot of content and a ton of time you can waste at work while reading through them all!

What I’m Watching

• A couple of our favorite prospects, Kohl Franklin and Max Bain, helped us to put together a fun hype video for North Side Bound. I edited the whole thing and it still gets me amped up.

• So this Velazquez fella might be on to something, huh?

• Our fellow contributor Rich Biesterfeld has been snapping some terrific shots of the AFL participants including these of Kilian.

• With Nelly out there doing his thing, we haven’t talked enough about Andy Weber and his crazy good fall. You can watch him here instead.

What We’re Tweeting

• Honestly, not a whole lot in the tweet department this week. We’ve each spent (probably far too much) time self-promoted and plugging this wonderful place. Apparently that means the creative juices haven’t been flowing the typical amount. Come back next week for more!

What’s Catching My Eye

• Bryan over at Bleacher Nation is way ahead of the game and already putting together some potential 2022 depth charts.

• The lowest ranking we had for James Triantos was #9. It makes sense considering his raw talent and the crazy numbers he put up this year.

Feature photo of Caleb Kilian by Rich Biesterfeld (@biest22)